Sunday, 5 April 2020

The John Ross (Portland, Oregon)

Thought I’d better write about the move into my permanent living space in Portland. Thankfully, it was one of those efforts where everything came together, for the most part.

On Monday, March 23rd, I signed a one-year lease on the apartment in the building where I lived for 8 years before leaving for my extended stay in Europe. Now I’m on the 17th floor with a view of the Willamette but in a studio rather than a one-bedroom. As I was signing the lease I was thinking about how to buy furniture to fill up the space. Stores were closing down and I couldn’t find anyone to drive me out to where they make the desk/bed piece of furniture. That night (actually about 3:00 in the morning) I decided to rent the furniture, including a TV. By 4:00 a.m. my furniture was ordered.

Tuesday morning I bought a new phone and now have a U.S. phone number. I had to buy the phone because my European phone (same make a model) wouldn’t work with Verizon. Only cost $15 extra each month for the new phone, but now I have a phone for when I visit Europe again. I’ve got to think positive and not about the cost.

During the remainder of Tuesday I was arranging for delivery of the furniture for Friday and picking up my boxes from my brother. As it turned out my friend Scott was available to drive me to my brother’s and a rented van to Hood River. I can’t drive because my drivers licence has expired, which wouldn’t be a problem except car rental places require a valid and current license. At the end of the day I had everything arranged to completely be moved in by Saturday night.

Though I had a nice junior suite at the hotel, I had to keep going out to get food. Eventually I used Uber to fetch my food. The only people that seem to be walking around the hotel’s Lloyd Center neighborhood are homeless people and/or people who were drunk or high on some drug. I made one trip a day to a nearby store then scrubbed well when I got back to my room. On Thursday I picked up the key to my apartment so I was now ready to return at 9:00 a.m. Friday to meet the furniture movers.

All the furniture fit very well and was in good condition. I’ll eventually get new furniture, but this will do very well until I do. I was having problems getting the Internet service to work and arranged to have someone from Comcast come in on Sunday.

Scott and I made a quick trip to Hood River on Saturday and picked up the boxes at my brother’s in Parkdale. We waved to them as we were loading the boxes and drove away. I was anxious to get the last elements of my move into the new apartment. Finally, no more suitcase! I unpacked enough so I could have breakfast in the morning and slept fairly well Saturday night. Thankfully my brother packed a set of bedding, towels and toilet paper.

The fellow from Comcast showed up on time Sunday morning while I was unpacking boxes. When he left I had full Internet service and a device that will make my TV into a Smart TV. I won’t need a HDMI cable anymore. By late Sunday afternoon I had unpacked everything I need to cook and the remainder of my clothes hung up. I have about 7 boxes filled with stuff that I need to give away, sell, or keep – the stuff that I put in boxes before I left because I ran out of time.

Since Sunday I’ve been to Zupan’s a few times and filling up my cupboards and the fridge/freezer with food. I’ve written how much I missed shopping at Zupan’s and now I’m satisfied. Also have been going through a few of the boxes, changing addresses and phone numbers, talking with family and friends over the phone and going for a few walks. Also looking at various job opportunities.

I’m still planning to write a summary of my travels, but still mulling over what I should include in this write-up. I know it will come together when I’m ready to write.

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