Sunday, 15 March 2020

Hampton by Hilton (Edinburgh, Scotland)

On Friday I made the decision to return to the U.S. I’ve been reading about the many closures, travel restrictions, flight cancellations, and the increase in reported cases here in Scotland, though still quite low compared to other countries.

I will stay in a Hilton in Glasgow from tomorrow until Friday the 20th, then will stay in a Hilton at the Edinburgh airport. My flight on Saturday morning will take me to Amsterdam then to Keflavik, Iceland where I will catch a flight to JFK. A direct flight to JFK would take over 8 hours, which is too long for me to be on a flight.

I was right when writing that I had stayed in my last Airbnb. I spoke with my brother tonight and told him how many places I’ve stayed. Almost overwhelming when you think about it. I plan to do a more comprehensive debrief once I get settled in Portland. Like I do when I finish a major project, I conduct a “Lessons Learned” and will write about what I have learned from my travel experiences.

The most difficult part of returning to the U.S. is saying goodbye to those who I’ve met here. Perhaps not a final goodbye, but it will be most likely a couple of years before I return. I have so many people to thank. Some I don’t even know their names, like the Uber drivers, people I met on flights or trains, and hotel staff. I must now focus on how happy I’ll be to say hello to those who have waited for me to return.

As I said to my brother this evening, I’m going one step at a time. I can’t get too far in my thinking at this time. I know the path to Oregon and next Saturday I’ll take my first step. Just one of many. Soon I’ll have a place of my own where I can start the next phase of my life. Will I work again? Chances are I will, but that step will happen after I get settled. First, I’ll board the flight that will take me to the U.S.

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