Wednesday, 4 September 2019

Barrack Street #32 The Arches (Kilkenny, Ireland)

This morning I decided to take a train to the nearby town of Carlow to walk around there and have lunch. No major attractions in Carlow. The other reason was that I wanted to visit the train station to buy my ticket for my trip to Dublin tomorrow. I’ve been working to ensure that I arrive at the Dublin airport in time to check in and board the flight to Aberdeen.

The train station is near to where I’m staying, which is good. Though I’ll call a taxi to deliver me to the station because it happens to be on a hill and the station’s elevator is not in operation as I discovered today when I went to the station.

The ride to Carlow was around 30 minutes. From there it was a 15 minute walk to the center of town. Along the way I went to an ATM to withdraw cash and the machine that I used said my debit card was damaged. This isn’t good. But I think it was a problem with the machine and not my card. I’ll try again later with another machine. I’m not concerned.

I found a local restaurant that has received great reviews and I decided I’d have lunch there. I could see people from Carlow kept the restaurant busy which is a good sign. I ordered a roast beef meal and was served a plate that had slices of roast beef, carrots, cabbage, and three different types of potatoes (roasted, mashed, and scalloped). When I went to pay my Bank of America card, using my phone’s Google Pay, didn’t work. This also wasn’t good. So I paid in cash. Again, I’m not worried because my card worked when I paid for the train tickets less than an hour ago. It was probably the restaurant’s POS (point of sale) terminal.

After I enjoyed my meal I started to walk back to the train station. I took my time and walked a slightly different way back. Along the way I stopped at another ATM and successfully withdrew money so it was indeed the other ATM that caused my card not to work.

When I was waiting for my train, about 5 – 10 minutes before it was to arrived, everyone was informed that the train to Dublin (northbound) was now going to arrive on Platform 2 and those of use on Platform 2, who were traveling southbound, now needed to be on Platform 1. It was a little chaotic for the next 10 or so minutes as people were moving from one platform to the other. The station only has two platforms and they are connected by a bridge that goes over the tracks. I think everyone eventually got on the correct train.

As I arrived back in Kilkenny it started to rain. First a sprinkle then the wind kicked in and the rain started to pour just as I arrived at the building entrance to my flat. Glad to be inside where it is warm and dry.

After a quick nap I had a number of tasks to do before tomorrow. The main one was to make arrangements with my Scotland Airbnb host. That was the last piece to the puzzle that I needed to do today. The location for my stay is in a remote location in the highlands which can be tricky. Thankfully my Airbnb host, Holly, verified that my travel arrangements were solid.

I’ll do a lot of my packing tonight since I plan to leave the flat tomorrow at 8:00 a.m. I think two hours tomorrow morning to finish packing and getting ready will be sufficient.

Tonight I’m watching the next in the Star Trek series. I watched Star Trek – The Motion Picture (1979). Tonight will the Star Trek – The Wrath of Kahn (1982). Then hopefully I’ll have a good night’s sleep and wake up refreshed tomorrow.

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  1. You are in the land of the Hannans. One of my travel goals is to explore cemeteries in County Carlow. Have fun!

    1. I thought there was something magical about the area. 🙂 Lots of history to be found in the area. You’ll be very welcome when you decide to visit.

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