Monday, 29 April 2019

8 Avenue du Pont Juvénal (Montpellier, France)

I woke early this morning in order to meet the train that will take me to Avignon. Met the train just fine and was in Avignon about an hour later. I had wanted to see their market but it was closed today, so I went to the city’s biggest attraction, the Palais des Papes (Places of the Popes).

Yes, for a time, several popes made Avignon their home during the 14th century. This complex of buildings is considered to be one of the most important medieval Gothic buildings in Europe. With my earphones and tour iPad I made my way through the many grand rooms. I’m not sure if the device that I was given was an iPad, but was of the same size. It knew where you were on the tour and gave the history and purpose of where you were standing. It even had a feature that you pointed to a symbol and you could see what the room might have looked like “back in the day”. Amazing! I went to the top of one of the towers and had a great view of Avignon.

Part of the admission price was that you could walk along the 14th century bridge that is mostly still standing. Again, one of the oldest in Europe. From there I walked around before I decided it was time to travel over to Pont du Gard, which is name of an intact Roman aqueduct. This is one of the sites that I’ve wanted to see for a long time. I knew that I’d better head to the bus station to catch the next bus so I ordered an Uber to take me. Walking would take 20 – 30 minutes.

We were at the bus station in a few minutes and the driver offered to take me to Pont du Gard, but I declined – though I took his business card just in case. As it turned out I was a few minutes late to take the last bus to Pont du Gard. The next bus was at around 4:00 which was almost three hours away. There is no direct train service so I texted the Uber driver and asked him to take me. Of course this was quite a bit more expensive, but I really wanted to see Pont du Gard.

The driver didn’t speak much English but I found out his parents were from Morocco but he was born in France. Pont du Gard was only 25 km away but we managed to talk about various things as he drove.

At last we arrived at the site. I bought a ticket and walked at least 500 meters before I saw the aqueduct. It was amazing. How it remained in such good condition after 2,000 years is almost unbelievable. I took a lot of pictures while I was there. Then after 15 minutes I was done and walked back to the parking lot to meet my driver for the return trip back to Avignon.

The next train back to Montpellier was not scheduled to leave for another 90 minutes, but I managed to walk around the station, find something to eat, and played many games of Hearts on my phone. The wind has been blowing all day. Though it was sunny, it was very cool in the shade and in most of the train station. And my battery was running out on my phone. Eventually the train arrived and I was back in Montpellier in an hour. My phone ran out of power just before we arrived in Montpellier.

I purchased a baguette at the station and headed back to the flat. It wasn’t long before I took a nap. I was exhausted. I managed to walk almost 15,000 steps today.

By the time I had dinner it was nearly 9:00 and I watched some TV before I went to bed. I’m not planning on leaving Montpellier tomorrow, but will do some preliminary planning for my next couple of stays and also wash clothes. I’ll probably go for a walk in the city, but pretty much rest most of the day. On Wednesday I leave to Toulouse.

Sunday, 28 April 2019

8 Avenue du Pont Juvénal (Montpellier, France)

Today I’m visiting Sète, a small port city southwest of Montpelliar. I’m going there because I guess I’m missing being by the sea. Sète is so close that I didn’t need to leave early. Thought I’d plan to arrive in Sète around 1:00 p.m.

This morning I got a chance to try out the grater that I bought yesterday. I’ve decided to add a grater to my stockpile of kitchen equipment and spices. It’s a flat grater so it will pack well. It joins my serrated knife, pealer, bottle opener/cork screw, and aeropress. Salt, pepper, cinnamon, thyme, and red pepper flakes are also with me as I travel.

When I got off the train at Sète I headed towards the sea. I wasn’t looking for a place to eat since I already had a light lunch of the remaining chicken salad spread over slices of baguette. On my walk to the sea I was approached by two different women who seemed to want to tell me some tragic story. I knew if I tried to engage in a conversation it wouldn’t go well so I waved them off and continued on my way. This rarely happens which is why I wrote about it.

As I got closer to the harbor I noticed many restaurants were open and most every one of them were filled with people. I figured I saw at least 50 restaurants. It was a beautiful mild and sunny day, so I can see why so many people were out walking about with friends and family. And enjoying a meal of fresh seafood. I saw many pots of steamed mussels.

I finally arrived at the point where the land met the sea. It was just beyond the sea wall and that was all. Nothing really to look at. But just inside the sea wall were hundreds of small sailboats in the harbor which I imagine most of them were used for fishing. Sète had a number of canals going through the city, but few boats in the canals. Perhaps everyone were eating at one of the restaurants.

There really isn’t much more to see in Sète, but I enjoyed the walk and later saw that I walked over 15,000 steps. When I arrived back at the Montpellier station a bought a baguette at a deli within the station. The baguette was still warm from the oven. I snacked on a few pieces once I returned to the flat.

For dinner I made a hamburger patty, mashed potatoes, and spinach. Later, for a snack I had a bowl of cut fruit (apple, orange, bananna). While making dinner and after I decided what I’m doing tomorrow. Visiting Avignon and also Pont du Gard where I’ll see a very large and intact Roman aqueduct. This aqueduct was on my must-see list. I’ll have to leave early to give me time to travel from Avignon to Pont du Gard.

Saturday, 27 April 2019

8 Avenue du Pont Juvénal (Montpellier, France)

Yesterday I made another visit to the local grocery to buy more food items for the flat. I must remember that once I buy the food I have to carry it back to the flat and not to buy too much at one time. I can always return the next day. Good physical work out carrying a heavy bag of groceries.

In the afternoon I joined a few others for a Segway tour of Montpellier. The tour started in the old part of the city and concluded in the new Antigone district near to where I’m staying. Our starting point was the Place de la Comedie, which is one of the largest pedestrian spaces in Europe. Two of the best known features of the square is the statue of the Three Graces, emblematic goddesses of Montpellier, and the Comedie Opera House. (The square is named after a theater that burned down first in 1785 and again in 1855.)

The historical center is like many of Europe’s old cities. Narrow streets following random patterns that can get you lost if you’re not paying attention. Our tour stopped by old churches, parks, statues, and our tour guide’s favorite bakery. I made a note where the bakery was located.

The newer part of Montpellier, Antigone, was begun in the late 1970’s as the city expanded towards the sea as the result of continued population growth. The vision for this new district was very grand. Consecutive parks and squares form an axis one kilometer long. Most buildings are very grand.

After the 3-hour Segway tour I returned to the local market again and bought a few more items. Think I’ve shopped enough already. For dinner, I bought a chicken to roast. The kitchen in my flat contains everything I need. (Except for a grater to make hash browns.)

I’m getting a good sleep at night. Comfortable bed and a quiet neighborhood. The exterior window shade helps keep out noise and blocks out all light coming into the bedroom. Easy to oversleep without the sun waking you up.

Today I’m actually going to walk most of the same route I rode yesterday on the Segway. The tour guide kept us moving and I didn’t have time to take many pictures. Which is fine, because I wanted to look at some of the places we visited yesterday in more detail.

It was a nice walk through the old part of the city. A bit busier today because it was Saturday. I did stop in at the bakery that the Segway guide from yesterday recommended. There was quite a line of customers when I arrived. I bought a baguette and two croissants. I munched on the baguette as I walked back to the flat.

For lunch I ate a croissant and pressed two oranges in the host’s citrus press. (I must get one of those when I return to Portland.) After lunch I walked towards the Antigone district to look around some more and take pictures. I was particularly intrigued by an apartment building, with a bright white exterior, with extended balconies. It is located next to the river that runs through the district. I’d love to live there. The tour guide said that it was designed by an architect from Japan.

Tonight I’m having chicken salad spread over slices of baguette. I’ll also steam a little spinach. I’ll watch a new episode of The Orville tonight while I eat dinner. My laptop hooks up easily to the flat’s TV. Nice!

Tomorrow I’m planning to visit another nearby town. Since I’m piratically next to the train station, easy to buy a ticket and be in a new town within 30 minutes. I’m not sure which town, but I’ll decide that tomorrow once I see how the weather is shaping up. Forecast calls for more sun over the next few days.

Thursday, 25 April 2019

Curio by Hilton (La Seyne-Sur-Mer, France)
– – Grand Hotel des Sablettes Plage

Yesterday I went on a driving tour of the local area around where I’m staying. The driver today was the same guy who picked me up from the train station on Tuesday. Today our two attractions will be a famous local market in nearby Sanart-sur-Mer that has been recognized as one of the top five in France and the other attraction is a preserved medieval village. The driver is from this area so I’ll learn additional information as we drive.

Our first stop was the market. It was starting to rain and he stayed in the car since he didn’t bring an umbrella. He said that I could walk down one street and see the vendor booths in one direction. At the end of the street is the harbor and a nearby church. From there I can walk back and see the remaining booths.

Since it was raining some of the vendors decided, I’m assuming, not to participate in the market today, but was fine. On the one street were mainly non-food vendors who offered different products and crafts. The harbor at the end of the street was nice and held many fishing boats and the church seemed to be closed but I took a picture. One the way back up the next street I saw an amazing variety of food. I would have loved to purchase some of what I saw, but I have no kitchen. The tomatoes were large and very red. Much of the meat was seafood. A good selection of fruit and produce were offered as well.

To reach our next stop we drove past a number of vineyards. My driver (didn’t remember his name) said that this part of France produces much of France’s best wines due to the area’s geography. When we arrived at the village of Castelet we both walked around the ancient village, bought a few items from a local bakery then stopped in his friend’s shoe store. Very few people were visiting the village today but his friend said he was open seven days a week. He and his son take turns minding the shop. We visited an old church that was charming inside. Very simple but very nice.

We continued our drive to another older village but didn’t get out. We did stop at a viewpoint nearby and I took pictures of the valley below. Even on a rainy day the view was beautiful. Everything was very green. And that concluded my three-hour tour, which was just perfect for me.

It was very rainy in the early afternoon but around 3:00 the sun came out and I could see what the area looked like in the sun. Up until now it had been cloudy and very windy. I could see why people like coming here.

For lunch I went to the quiche shop that I visited on Tuesday and had a coffee and a piece of spinach quiche. The rest of the day I rested and for dinner I ate the rest of the baked goods I bought earlier and the remaining apple, cheese and bread from last night. I’ve arranged for a driver to take me to the train station tomorrow at 9:30 for my 10:16 train. I will travel first to Marseilles where I’ll transfer to another train that will take me to Montpelier.

This morning I woke early and got ready to be picked up at 9:30. Of course I allowed time to eat a Hilton breakfast. At checkout I only had to pay for the local lodging tax which was around 6 Euro. I had used some of my Hilton points to pay for my stay for three nights.

The travel to Marseilles and then to Montpelier was easy. Both trains were pretty much on time. I had an hour layover in Marseilles and from the station I took a picture of Marseilles’ main attraction, Notre-Dame de la Garde. It sits on a distant hill from the train station.

The ride to Montpelier was comfortable. I upgraded to first class for around 10 Euro to have more comfort and an assigned seat. We had no stops between the two cities and we arrived a little before 2:00.

I met the son of my host at the Airbnb flat that I’m renting for the next six nights. He spoke fairly good English and showed me around. The flat is fairly large and is on the top floor. The building is a short walk to the train station, which is very convenient since I plan a few trips outside of the city while I’m here.

After my host’s son left I walked over to the Segway tour office and booked a tour of Montpelier for tomorrow. Across the street from the tour office was a Spar store where I picked up a few items for tonight’s dinner and tomorrow’s breakfast. I’ll visit a larger store tomorrow and purchase more food items.

I took a good nap after I arrived back at the flat. This place will be both quiet and convenient. The kitchen has most everything I need and has high-end appliances. One of the items I used tonight was an orange juicer that squeezes a cut half of an orange and you get instant juice. No pulp.

Tonight I also arranged settlement of my rent in Edinburgh for June and July. Good to have that out of the way. This means for June and July I’ll only have my food expense and membership fees for the gym.

I was in bed early tonight. Traveling generally makes me tired for at least one day. Perhaps it is the thought process of memorizing a new neighborhood and a new flat that is draining. I’m sure I’ll sleep well.

Tuesday, 23 April 2019

Curio by Hilton (La Seyne-Sur-Mer, France)
– – Grand Hotel des Sablettes Plage

It was still very overcast when I woke this morning. The Hilton breakfast was good and I managed to fit in a post breakfast nap. The bed is very comfortable. Now if something could be done about hotel housekeepers who talk outside a guest’s door in the morning. Maybe this is a hidden amenity the Hilton offers so we do not get too comfortable in our rooms and avoid exploring outside the hotel.

Somewhere after 12 noon I left my room for a walk down the promenade by the sea. On my way out the door I confirmed with the receptionist staff that I will accept their offer for a driver tomorrow. They confirmed a half day tour (3 hours) so I am set for a local tour.

It was starting to lightly rain as I left the hotel. Something that we label as a mist in Oregon. I walked down the promenade, took a few side trips to see more of the neighborhood, and continued my way to the other side of the inlet where I’m staying. After passing a few restaurants I started to become hungry. I saw one place, La Cannier, that seemed popular and where the menu looked varied and interesting. Though the menu was written all in French.

I was seated at a table where I could look out at the sea. The wait staff, with limited English and me with limited French, helped me make a menu selection and I waited for my order to arrive. It arrived and it looked beautiful. I posted a picture on Instagram. Though I could see that escargot were added to plate that featured a variety of vegetables and seafood. The dish was named, Provençal aioli, (Aioli is a Mediterranean sauce made of garlic, olive oil and egg.) With the exception of the escargot I really liked what I ordered.

After lunch I walked slowly back to the hotel and watch a couple of people paddling around the surf on kayaks and several groups of surfers trying to catch a good wave. I could see that some serious rain was headed my way so I quickened my pace back to the hotel.

Once I returned to the hotel I worked on travel plans then took a nap. I woke to find that my brother called again so I returned his call. We talked for quite a while and it was good to hear more about what he wanted to see in Paris. After this call I decided that I should think about what to have for dinner. I decided to walk over to a nearby market and pick up a few items there.

At the market I found cheese, bread, apples, and a bottle of red wine. That will be my dinner for tonight. I had such a large lunch I wasn’t too hungry. I watched a couple of TV shows while eating dinner then went to bed.

Tomorrow I’ll meet my driver at 9:00 a.m. and we will stop at a famous open market in a nearby town then drive up to a restored medieval town. This tour will give me a chance to explore the nearby towns and learn more about the people who live here.

Monday, 22 April 2019

42 Avenue Maréchal Foch (Nice, France)

This morning I finished packing and cleaned the flat before leaving for the train station. As I’ve written before, it gives me a good feeling to leave a flat in good condition. Especially one where I’ve enjoyed my stay. My host will receive an excellent review from me.

No need to call for a taxi today. The station is a very short walk away from where I’ve been staying. I’ll miss the local market where I shopped. I just learned where my favorite items were located in this store. But that happens when you stay more than a few days somewhere.

So glad I went out early to the platform to meet the train. The train was there waiting for passengers to board and it was 30 minutes before it was scheduled to depart. I found a seat and then saw more people board the train over the next 30 minutes. When we left the station it was standing room only. I could have been one of those standing had I not arrived on the platform when I did. I just had a hunch to be early.

I suppose because of the volume of passengers, the travel time to Toulon took longer than expected. I received a call from my driver who was waiting for me at the Toulon station but it didn’t connect. Rather than call back, I texted I a picture of the map on my phone that showed were I was compared to the location of Toulon. We were 25 minutes late getting in to Toulon, but my driver waited for me.

We talked as he drove me to my hotel. For whatever reason I asked what was his future plans. Somehow I expected that he wouldn’t be a taxi driver for much longer. He said he would like to buy a small hotel on one of the Maldive islands. Well, good for him to have a vision for the future. I gave him a good tip once we arrived at the hotel.

The hotel where I’m staying was updated a few years ago and is now a Hilton property. One of the “collection” hotels that make up their Curio brand. From what I’ve learned, this area at one time was a destination for holiday travelers but it fell into decline at some point. This area is now in the process of being developed and this property is one of the flagships of the new development.

When I checked in I asked about tours that they offered. They didn’t have much available. Perhaps because it wasn’t during their high season. They did say that they could arrange a driver to take me around to a couple of locations. I said that I’ll let them know in the morning.

After I got myself settled in my room, which was upgraded with a view of the beach, I was hungry. I took a look at the room service menu and was shocked at the prices. I guess since this was a Curio hotel they could charge more for meals? This inspired me to see what I could find in the neighborhood.

I wasn’t a long walk before I came upon a small shop that featured various quiches. I ordered two different varieties and a bottle of red wine. The total was less than 10 Euro. And there was my dinner.

After my dinner back in my room I had a good nap then watched the last episode of Discovery. I texted my friend Scott in the U.S. and we compared notes.

Tomorrow I’m not planning to do much. I’ll walk up and down the beach to perhaps find a place for lunch. I’ve seen several people out surfing. The waves, because of the wind, were probably much larger than normal and it looks like they would be ideal for surfing. Not that I’m planning on trying surfing while I’m here.

Sunday, 21 April 2019

42 Avenue Maréchal Foch (Nice, France)

Woke up to another day of sunny weather, though I can see some high clouds rolling in. And the wind has really been blowing the past couple of days. No complaints from me since the weather has been perfect since I’ve been here.

I left the flat a little before noon and walked towards the
promenade that runs along the sea for quite a ways. It being Easter Sunday, I was surprised at the number of people walking around and how many stores were open. I think the Easter closures may happen tomorrow.

I took a picture of the big blue chair sculpture, which is a symbol of the city. Blue chairs were set out for people to rest and enjoy the view of the Mediterranean. Kind of a tradition. The picture that I posted on Instagram makes the chair look like it was 3-D, but in actuality, it is 2-D which I discovered as I started to walk around the sculpture.

Once I returned to the flat I managed to write up two days worth of travel notes. Some days I’m more inspired to write than others. By the time I finished it was almost 9:00.

I prepared my last dinner in this flat. I’ve really enjoyed my time here. I really got lucky when I booked this place and I’ll give the Airbnb host an excellent review. I started to get organized for tomorrow’s packing. I want to really take my time and make sure I leave the flat clean and orderly since that is how I found it.

Looking forward to resting for the next few days before I ramp up exploring new cities. I thought that where I’m staying in Toulon would be close enough to Marseille, but it really isn’t. I’m only staying three nights, but from what I’ve read, the place is very nice and has a great spa.

Saturday, 20 April 2019

42 Avenue Maréchal Foch (Nice, France)

Today I’m visiting Castle Hill, next to the old town of Nice. It is within walking distance so no need to take public transportation or a taxi. Another beautiful day!

When I left the flat and as I walked towards the hill I remember hearing that there was an elevator up to the top. That could be nice. I found online the directions to reach the elevator so I tried to follow them as well as I could. Along the way I found a very large public park. Since it was Saturday it was filled with families and other people walking around and enjoying the perfect weather. I also came across an open market, like a swap meet, where many people had tables with all sorts of collectibles that they were selling.

I walked through the old town of Nice, down narrow streets, past small shops and saw quite a few tourists along the way. At the end of the street was the entrance to the elevator. I saw that there was no cost, but the line of people waiting to go up was quite long. I decided to climb the stairs. I’ll just go slow.

I stopped every so often while going up the stairs and looked out at the view. So beautiful! The climb was easier that I thought and soon I found myself near the top. I went out to an observation area to take a few pictures. While I was there I saw a young woman sitting on the wall so her friend could take her picture. The wall was just wide enough for her to sit up there. No railing to hold on to. If she leaned over a few inches she would fall. I couldn’t watch and had to leave.

Once I got to the top I found a large park. Not too crowded, many trees and trails leading to places where you could view the surrounding city and countryside. There were the ruins of the old castle, but otherwise it was a beautiful park with great views. From this hill, you have a 360 degree view.

I stayed for almost an hour before heading back down the steps. I’m being very cautious when going down stairs. I could probably go faster, but getting an injury while traveling is something I’d like avoid. No need to rush.

I returned to the flat along a new route. I’m getting fairly familiar with Nice, or at least the tourist part of it. Not much need for my phone’s GPS. I’ve noticed that it is taking me less time to find my way around new cities. I suppose it makes sense that I’m more comfortable as I gain experience.

Tomorrow I’ll go for another walk down to the pramanade. Nothing else I would like to see while I’m here. It will be Easter tomorrow and not sure what will be open. I’ll find out.

Tonight there were a few fireworks that were fired nearby while I was watching TV. Not sure if fireworks are part of observing Easter. I did see chocolate bunnies in the store, so I know that part of Easter is part of the annual tradition.

I’ll also finish washing clothes tomorrow. And other than a walk down to the sea, think that is all I have planned.

FYI: I just noticed on my dashboard that I have had 50,129 visitors to this site since I started it June 2016. I have been approached to include some advertising to make money, but that doesn’t interest me.

Friday, 19 April 2019

42 Avenue Maréchal Foch (Nice, France)

Today I’m visiting the Principality of Monaco. As usual I was up way too early, but went back to bed once I saw what time it was. I’m planning to leave shortly after 10:00 from the train station near the flat. This should give me time to explore the Monte Carlo district of Monaco before I have lunch. (There are two other districts that comprise Monaco, but Monte Carlo is where the main part of the principality is located.)

The intercity trains in this part of France pretty much run on schedule from what I’ve experienced. One thing I learned is to get on board quickly. If not, you can find yourself standing up and packed together with other passengers which was the case this morning. The one-way fare to Monaco was less than 5 Euro, so I can’t complain too much and the journey was less than 30 minutes.

As usual when I left the station I had no clue where to walk. I just kept walking down towards the harbor. I knew the casino was there, but that was about all. I saw a beautiful garden about halfway down the hill from the station. (By the way, the Monaco station is underground but the main exit is on the hillside above the main part of Monte Carlo.)

The park had a number of varieties of plants. I had read that Prince Albert has lead the effort to plant a variety of plant and tree species around Monaco, so this park looks a lot like a botanical garden. I took a number of pictures while I was in the park. Also while there I sat down and looked up the location of the casino. It happened to be just around the corner from where I was sitting. (I’m referring to Casino de Monte-Carlo. Think James Bond.)

Very posh around the casino. High-end cars were everywhere, doormen at each entrance, and the buildings were a very elaborate. This was during the day. I can imagine what it must be like when everyone is dressed up. I took a few pictures then walked towards the harbor.

The harbor has a nice promenade that I walked along for quite a ways. Great views of the harbor. I even saw where Monaco is building a new harbor. It was about this time that I thought about having lunch somewhere. I wanted to eat where I could look out over the harbor and I found just the place near the grandstands that had just been installed for the Grand Prix next month. The restaurant looked like it was the best place to eat in the area after I walked around before selecting this restaurant. I ordered fish and chips and a bowl of tomato soup. Both were very good. Service was excellent.

After lunch I continue to walk around the harbor and found a Haagen Dazs shop where I ordered a single scoop of chocolate. Guess I got spoiled from all the gelato that I’ve been eating. The ice cream was okay, but doesn’t compare to a gelato.

I saw Monaco’s royal palace on the hillside and took a picture. Then after walking around a little more I thought I’d seen everything that I wanted to see. I had noticed that just outside the restaurant where I just ate there was a sign that said something about the train station. After doing Google translation and research I found out that there is a tunnel that leads directly to the train station. I thought I’d have to walk up the hill to the station. Within the tunnel there were a couple of flights of stairs, but soon I found myself at the station. I found a place to buy tickets then a short escalator ride to the platform. Very easy!

Once I returned to Nice I picked up a couple of items at the store on my way back to the flat. I have to be careful not to buy too much since I’m leaving in a few days.

I took a very long nap once I returned to the flat. It was nearly 8:00 when I woke. Just enough time to make a quick dinner and watch a little TV. Tomorrow I’m walking to Castle Hill and will go up to the park at the top. I can see Castle Hill from this flat and I heard from my Segway tour buddy (the school principal) that this place was a must-see while in Nice. So that is where I’ll be tomorrow.

Thursday, 18 April 2019

42 Avenue Maréchal Foch (Nice, France)

I’m really liking my new breakfast, croissants with fried eggs. In fact I woke up very early and couldn’t sleep because I was thinking about breakfast. So I got out of bed and fixed it. At 4:30 in the morning! Then went back to bed and slept very well.

I made reservations to take the 10:00 train this morning to Cannes. The walk to the station is only about 10 minutes and was there in plenty of time before the train was scheduled to depart. I was able to book a ride on the TGV (Train a Grande Vitesse) which is much nicer than the intercity train. We arrived in 35 minutes which included only one stop.

On today’s itinerary I only had a few items on my list. Other than a resort town, it is best known for the Cannes Film Festival which will be held this year on May 14 and May 25. The Palais des Festivals et des Congres convention center will be my first stop.

When I arrived at the convention center I found hand-prints in the sidewalk with actor’s name written in them. Like those in Hollywood. Around the corner were the stairs with the red carpet leading into the building. A number of tourists were having their picture taken on the red carpet. I thought about it, but it seemed a bit cheesy and changed my mind.

Next I was interested in walking along the shore to the large harbor. More very large yachts. Obviously many people with deep pockets moor their boats in Cannes. No two were alike.

It was about lunch time and I was looking forward to finding a place on the beach and order a seafood dish. I found just the place. It was a little early for lunch so I had most of the restaurant’s part of the beach to myself. Nice table with chairs, though the wind blew the menus from the table, but I already knew what I wanted. An Asian dish that combined prawns and salmon in a stir-fry. Not French provincial cooking, but it looked very good. And it was. It was very pleasant sitting there looking up and down the coast and watching people along the beach. Not too warm, but just right for lunch.

After leaving the restaurant I realized I forgot to use their toilet. I had noticed that public toilets were not too abundant, but I used my public toilet application on my phone and found one nearby. It cost .50 Euro, but the facility was spotless.

I had seen a castle of sorts on the hill, but decided that I didn’t want to do a hike after having a filling lunch. Much better to walk around Cannes through residential areas and then down their high street with all the shops that tourists like to visit. Earlier I had noticed a very large cruise ship (with 10 – 15 levels) anchored in the harbor. I now saw where the people on this cruise ended up in Cannes. Almost wall-to-wall people down a few of the shopping streets.

Cannes is a very nice small city with beautiful parks. Very clean and well-maintained. I’m sure in the summer it is packed from shore to the train station. So glad I’m visiting in April.

When I returned to the train station I booked my return to Nice on my phone. Very convenient. I could have used the ticket machines in the lobby, but if I have questions it is easier to have my phone handy and not keep people behind me waiting.

I was very tired as I walked back from the Nice Ville station. I needed just a couple of items from the store so I stopped in there before returning to the flat. It was late afternoon and the store was very busy, but I eventually found everything I needed and used their self checkout to pay for my purchases.

Had a great nap once I got back to the flat. Good news! Found that my American Express payment went through. I can cross that off my list of things to do. I like crossing off completed tasks from a list.

Dinner tonight was the last chicken breast, boiled potato and green peas. I could probably eat this most every night, but I wasn’t interested in making a big dinner. The kitchen is very small and there isn’t much room to prepare a complicated meal.

Tomorrow I’m visiting Monaco, just up the coast. The train fare there is only 8 Euro, one-way. I wonder if I will be allowed to go into the Casino Monte-Carlo. We will see.