Monday, 9 March 2020

28 Dublin Street (Edinburgh, Scotland)

The weather hasn’t been too pleasant for the past few days. Today included. I haven’t felt like walking around in the cold so I didn’t. Nor did I feel like taking the train to Glasgow.

I’m still on hold regarding future travel plans, but I’m not very concerned. Thankfully I haven’t made any plans that I can’t change. I would like to finish with my doctor appointments (last ones are on the 11th) and have my Russian visa in-hand before making any plans. Today I made a reservation to stay in a Hilton property here in Edinburgh and can add days to my stay if necessary. I’ll move over there when my time at this Airbnb is over, which will be on the 12th.

With the financial markets taking a tumble I have been confirming that my conservative and insured investments are still hanging in there, and they are for now. My financial adviser reached out to me today and we talked over how the current market might impact my investments. I was just thinking about her today and then received an email from her. How about that? We talked for nearly an hour.

Because we talked so long on the phone I just finished putting a chicken in the oven. Looks like I won’t have dinner until 9:00. I doubt if I’ll starve, but I’m sure to be hungry once the chicken comes out of the oven. Now if I can just stay away from making toast as a snack.

I went to the grocery earlier to buy the last few items for my stay in this Airbnb. If I don’t stay in an Airbnb until I return to the states then it could be quite a while before I’m cooking again. I will probably stay in an Airbnb, while in New York, that is near a friend who I’ll visit while there, but that will be in Queens. Will plan to visit friends who live in Manhattan as well. In fact I heard from Ginny today after I sent her an email last week. She and her husband Alan are doing well (met them last year while traveling in southern Italy) and she looks forward to catching up while I’m in town.

I forgot to write that I finally saw the Downton Abbey movie. I happened upon it while looking through available movies via YouTube. For whatever reason I have to VPN to the U.S. to make payment then switch back to the U.K. connection to watch movies. Not sure what had changed so that I have to do this but it works so I’m okay. Another reason to get back to the U.S. so I don’t have to finagle purchases and “stand on my head” to conduct normal business. Even today, to access one of my accounts, it is required that a code is sent to my phone in the U.S., which I don’t have but use a friend’s number. I text him to expect a text with the security code and he then sends the code to me.

I’ll use the extra days while I’m here in Edinburgh to make a few day trips. The hotel is almost next door to the Hay Market train station and I expect the weather to improve over the next week or so. In the meantime I’ll continue to be lazy and rest.

Isn’t that chicken done yet? Yes, I’m now becoming quite hungry.

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