Friday, 6 March 2020

28 Dublin Street (Edinburgh, Scotland)

For the past two days I’ve been researching several different travel contingencies as I mentioned in Wednesday’s update. Yesterday I received a text from a friend who is traveling next month to Asia, Italy and then the U.K. and it helped me feel more comfortable about traveling as we learn more about the virus that we’re hearing so much about. Now I’m once again becoming more comfortable with traveling in France. In any case, we will see how this pans out over the next few weeks.

Today I was okay with staying in the flat and not going outside. Colder and overcast too. Just to rest and consider future travel plans. Also to do a load of wash. Nice that this flat has a drying rack that you lower from the ceiling, then pull it up again so the hot rising air dries the clothes. Helps to have high ceilings.

U.S. politics and the financial markets are also on my mind as well. Perhaps I keep hoping that after I wake from one of my naps these areas of concern will work themselves out. Wishful thinking. I know that eventually they will indeed go one way or the other and I need to be more patient. I suppose going outside and walking in the fresh air would help, but I’ll save that for tomorrow. By then I’ll have grown tired of being inside.

No news regarding my Russian visa. I’ve been checking every other day and the status still says that the application has been forwarded to the Russian Embassy. No news is good news. I did hear that my tax forms were accepted by both the Federal and State and I should receive my very small Federal refund in the next few days. I owe the state and will pay that next month.

I’ve been working towards changing my diet. My hygienist lectured me (in a nice way) about how sugar weakens my teeth’s enamel. A likely cause for the recent chipping of teeth. I expect when meeting with my GP next week, I’ll hear how I need to continue maintaining a more balanced and nutritious diet to reduce my BMI and eat foods to improve my cholesterol levels. More dark green vegetables, more fruit, and lean meat.

I’m now realizing that staying in Airbnb flats is close to coming to an end, at least for now. If I don’t go to France, I’ll most likely stay only in Hilton’s until I return to the U.S. At last count, I’ve stayed in 88 different Airbnb flats so far. And if the non-Airbnb flats were added, the total would be well over 90. Wow! To be honest, I will not miss walking into another Airbnb and acquainting myself to a new place to live. I don’t mind hotels so much since they have pretty much the same layout, but Airbnb flats are a little more work and it takes more time to get settled in.

Tomorrow I’d like to visit Glasgow again. Haven’t been there for a couple of years. We will see.

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