Wednesday, 4 March 2020

28 Dublin Street (Edinburgh, Scotland)

I’ve been pleasantly surprised with how much sunshine there has been. I keep seeing rain and overcast skies in the forecast. Nice when the forecast is wrong. But it is still very chilly. I was concerned about how much I’ve been using the heating in this flat but noticed there is a display on a desk that shows how much it costs per day for electricity. This display has been consistently showing that the cost per day is around 1.5 UK pounds, so now I’m not too concerned.

Finished with my dental appointments and now my chipped tooth is repaired and teeth cleaned and polished. The appointment with the hygienist was around $50. And this is in a highly rated dental clinic. Would cost over $200 in the U.S.

My annual physical is done and will learn the results next week when I meet with my GP. Next up will be to visit the dermatologist and ophthalmologist. I’ll have Parts A & B coverage from Medicare when I return to the U.S. but need to figure out Part D and supplemental coverage when I return. I’m honestly considering making an annual visit to Edinburgh each year for my basic medical needs and get any prescriptions filled.

Travel planning is still in limbo until I receive my Russian visa. While I’m not too concerned that I’ll get the virus as I travel, I’m more concerned about upcoming travel restrictions. I’m planning for three contingencies. 1). Visit western France after I leave Edinburgh around the 16th of March, then travel to Moscow on the 15th; 2) Leave for the Netherlands, Germany and Finland before Moscow; or 3). Leave directly for the U.S. if travel becomes too restrictive around Europe, which would be the worst-case scenario. Though I’m reading that people are still traveling to Milan, which is in the middle of the most affected part of Italy. Though I’m not much of a risk-taker.

Today I discovered that Google Maps has restored their high-level map feature that shows red dots on where you’ve traveled. It apparently was not working as Google was making improvements to Google Maps, but found that it is now fully restored. Nice to see a visual representation of where I’ve been for the past 3+ years. Perhaps I should post the map again to Instagram and Facebook.

I’m thinking that I need to take a few day trips while I’m in Edinburgh. Perhaps down to York or to the north of Glasgow. Rain is in the forecast but that can always change as I’ve been finding out. We shall see.

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