Friday, 28 February 2020

28 Dublin Street (Edinburgh, Scotland)

It was a cold night and I turned up the heat in the flat during the early morning hours. Too bad I can’t control the heat in rooms I’m not using. I did sleep very well and felt rested in the morning. I even had enough get-up-and-go to finish unpacking.

My first appointment was with my dentist. This was the third year that I’ve met with him and he remembered me from before. He was able to patch up my broken tooth and said that my back molar doesn’t need to be removed yet, but it will need to be sometime in the future.

From there I withdrew money from a nearby ATM to pay for the Russian visa then ordered an Uber for a ride to the service center. It was near freezing outside and a ride in a warm car was preferable to walking in the cold and misty weather for 30 minutes.

At the Russian Visa Service Center I didn’t have to wait and was immediately met by someone who would review my application. Her only concern was my temporary passport, but after confirming with a colleague she said it was fine and all my documentation was complete. I paid the fee and was told my visa would be ready on the 16th. This will require that I say a few days longer in Edinburgh, but I was prepared for this delay so it wasn’t a problem.

I called for another Uber and asked to be taken to a Tesco Express to purchase food for the next few days. I can easily walk from the Tesco Express to where I’m staying. This shop was the same one I went to when I stayed on Great King Street the last few years so I knew where to find the items I needed. I had forgot to mention in a earlier post that I tried to book with the hosts from the last few years but they don’t seem to have any flats available, but they had said last year they may list their units for sale.

I walked through the cold and light rain back to my flat with two bags of groceries then up the three flights of stairs. Felt good to have the dentist and Russian visa appointments out of the way. I look forward to a relaxing weekend.

For dinner I roasted a chicken with a side of spinach seasoned with balsamic vinegar. I’m having the opposite problem with this kitchen that I have with others. Rather than not enough cooking supplies and equipment there is actually too much. So many cupboards packed with everything you might need. The kitchen shelf with many cookbooks confirms that this Airbnb host likes to cook.

I didn’t watch too much TV and was in bed before 10:00. No plans for tomorrow. Just rest and relax.

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