Thursday, 27 February 2020

28 Dublin Street (Edinburgh, Scotland)

Not sure when I’ll return to Cyprus so it was a little difficult to say goodbye to Paschalis, Kris and my Airbnb hosts (Nicos and his parents). I truly meet the nicest people as I travel. So glad I found this island getaway a few years ago. Thankful that I connected with Paschalis who taught me so much about Greek history and culture as well as his experiences growing up on Cyprus.

Yesterday, Paschalis drove me to the airport and we shared our last cup of coffee together. He bought me a book by Neville Goddard and I bought him three books that he had on reserve at his favorite bookstore. We each added inscriptions in the books while we drank our coffee. Our final topic was that of faith. So happened that I had just watched a Flash episode the night before that gave examples of how faith, not necessarily religious faith, once you’re committed to it, knowing that “this, or something better” helps smooth out the rough spots. Not sure if we talked long enough about this concept but perhaps something for each of us to ponder over time.

The flight to London took over five hours and I was ready to get my feet on the ground as we landed at Heathrow. Five hours on any form of transportation is just about my limit before it becomes uncomfortable. I’m still working on the concept of being stationary for long periods of time. But we landed pretty much on time, got through Passport Control without any issues and picked up my suitcase.

Getting to the hotel wasn’t too complicated. I could have taken a taxi but thought I would try one of the buses that take people directly to the nearby hotels. By the time I bought a bus ticket, waited for a bus, and the drive to the hotel I probably should have paid the extra money for the taxi.

I was given a very nice room at the Hilton and glad I didn’t try to take the train to Edinburgh the same day. I used points to pay for the room and the only expense was room service that I paid for when I checked out. Had a good nights sleep too. In the morning after breakfast I printed out the documents that I’ll need for my appointment with the Russian Visa Service Center tomorrow.

To travel into London to Kings Cross where I’ll find the train to Edinburgh I decided to take the underground rather than the Heathrow Express train. At first I wasn’t sure if the underground would get me to Kings Cross on time but I had more than enough time when I arrived there to hop on the train. Was funny that as I walked into the hall were the departure boards are located I heard an announcement that told me which platform my train was located. Of course I double checked the departure board to ensure I was headed in the right direction.

We got off to a late start, by about 20 minutes, but eventually we headed north to Edinburgh. I love the scenery along the route, especially when we get closer to Edinburgh and we have great views of the North Sea. The day turned out to be sunny as we got further from London, where it was snowing early in the morning and rain as I headed toward the underground station from the hotel. Was lucky there was transportation, provided by the hotel, that took me to the underground station.

Once I arrived in Edinburgh it was an easy walk to where I’ll stay for the next two weeks. Was a little concerned that lugging my suitcase up three flights of stairs would be a bit much, but I actually did pretty good once I reached the third floor.

The flat has three bedrooms though only two are used for Airbnb guests. Overall, the flat is very large and takes up half the third floor and has a great view from the kitchen and main bedroom. All the rooms are large and the kitchen has all the conveniences. I thought I might have to make a trip to the grocery store but I found enough food, left by the Airbnb hosts, to make a nice dinner. Also there was beer in the fridge and I had one before I took my usual post-travel nap.

Once I woke from my nap I made a fried egg sandwich and discovered raspberry jam (my favorite) in the fridge as well. I only watched an episode of Star Trek Picard and an episode of Twilight Zone before going to bed. I was still a little cold when I went to bed so I turned up the heat. The heat comes from registers that are heated by the flat’s boiler. Not easy keeping a place this size heated, but I managed.

Tomorrow I have my annual dentist appointment and hope that he can fix a tooth I chipped while eating almonds a few days ago. He fixed a tooth last year due to eating a Snickers bar. (Maybe it’s time I eat only soft food.) After the dental appointment (I’ll have my teeth cleaned next week) I’ll visit the Russian Visa Service Center and submit my request for a Russian Visa.

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