Saturday, 22 February 2020

Ermou 4 (Larnaca, Cyprus)

Has been nice to rest and relax while I’ve been in Larnaca. Even the very firm mattress on the bed isn’t affecting my sleep. I seem to be able to sleep better and attribute that to making a decision to return to the U.S. and planning for my final adventures.

Last week I spoke with Cousins Molly and Ori and shared my tentative travel plans for the next few months. They had some terrific ideas and will check back with them again after I have my visa for visiting Russia. Getting the visa will confirm my stay in Russia (April 15 – 29) and expect to leave for the U.S. from London probably the second week of May at the latest.

My new Larnaca friend, Paschalis, has been kind to take me around to various places while I’ve been here. He is showing me how kind and generous Greeks are. He even drove me up to the Stavrovouni Monastery and enjoyed the view of Cyrus from up there. I’m learning so much about the Greek culture and history.

The biggest obstacle, so far, to being issued a Russia visa is the letter from where I’ll stay when in Russia. Think I have that squared away, but won’t know for sure until I meet with the people at the Russian Visa Service Center in Edinburgh on Friday.

I’ve also made appointments with my dentist, GP, Dermatologist and Ophthalmologist. If I need a follow up visit, or difficulties with my Russian visa, that will extend my time in Edinburgh. I didn’t make firm plans for travel after Edinburgh and before Russia in case there was some delays while in Edinburgh. After I have everything settled in Edinburgh I can then make firm plans.

I’m leaving Larnaca on Wednesday and will travel directly to London where I’ll stay overnight before taking the train to Edinburgh on the 27th. I have a dental appointment the next day and after this appointment I’ll visit the Russian Visa Service Center.

I’m feeling great about making these plans that will wrap up my travels. Looking forward to my final destinations and realize that what I don’t see this time I can always plan a return trip in the future.

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