Friday, 14 February 2020

Ermou 4 (Larnaca, Cyprus)

I couldn’t believe how long I slept last night and into late morning today. Perhaps the night before, my first night here, I didn’t sleep well. I came across an article in Popular Science that reported that when we are in a new place that our brains are in survival mode, and our brains in this situation are only turning half off, with one hemisphere remaining more “awake” than the other. Researchers published their findings in the journal Current Biology. Interesting.

As for the rest of the day, I managed to get my hair cut. Surprisingly the guy who cut it last November remembered me and my preferences. I was impressed. The shop is located on the ground level of the building where I’m staying. And the haircut only cost €8 (actually €10 because I tipped €2).

From there I went to the nearby market (not as complete as the large Metro market) where I found a few items that I didn’t pick up the day before. I ended up making chicken sandwiches with Gouda cheese slices. I had one late afternoon then another while I was watching, or I guess re-watching, The Da Vinci Code. I hadn’t seen this movie since I had been traveling and now recognize several of the locations where the filming took place.

While here on Larnaca I’ve been mentally considering travel plans for the next few months. I hope to start firming up the plans over the next week. As it stands, I have no idea where I’m going after Larnaca.

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