Thursday, 13 February 2020

Ermou 4 (Larnaca, Cyprus)

Had a great sleep last night, though was somewhat cold until I learned how to effectively adjust the temperature controls. The devices that provide air conditioning in the summer also provide the heat in the cooler months. In any case, I slept quite well until late morning.

For breakfast I ate leftover pizza. I was so tired last night I didn’t shop for anything more than beer and milk. (The milk, of course, was for my coffee.) I really wasn’t hungry for anything more that just that. Think I’ve eaten enough pizza for awhile. But I’ll stop for groceries later.

When I finally left the flat it was nearly mid-afternoon. I walked down to my friend Kris’ shop to say hello. It was on the way to the Metro market where I’ll buy groceries. Thought I’d find an open barber shop along the way but guess they all closed on Thursdays. As I got closer I wondered if his friend, now my friend, Paschalis would be there. I met him last time I was in Larnaca. To my surprise I saw his car outside Kris’ shop. I guess he was surprised too since he hadn’t visited Kris in a couple of weeks. Good timing all around I guess.

The three of us had a great time catching up. Kris’ wife is scheduled to give birth tomorrow so we talked about that and his motor bike that he finished restoring. Of course our conversation became fairly deep and philosophical, and Paschalis is an expert at Greek etymology, which I find fascinating. Also Greek history and customs. It was like being in school (without having to take a test).

We talked for a couple of hours until it started to get dark. When it came time for me to leave Paschalis offered to take me to the store then drive me home. A sample of Greek hospitality. He walked with me through the store as I added items to my basket and helped asked questions of store staff when I was looking for something. We dropped me off at my flat and said we will meet up for a beer in a few days.

I was more hungry than tired. Soon after I walked in the door I prepared the chicken for roasting in the oven. While that was cooking I hung up my laundry and wrote my travel blog. I put away the groceries while finishing up on my dinner: roasted chicken, broccoli (seasoned with mayonnaise and pepper), and a few slices from a baguette.

The highlight of the evening was watching the latest episode of Picard. It is turning out to be a fun program to watch, but new episodes are only released each Thursday. I also watch a couple of episodes of Twilight Zone. It was after 11:00 when I went to bed.

Tomorrow will be mostly a day of rest and to finally get my hair cut. I haven’t had a haircut in several weeks and I’m looking shaggy. Well, as shaggy as a bald man can look. There were a few items I should have bought earlier but I’ll buy them at a local market tomorrow.

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