Tuesday, 11 February 2020

Schmiedgasse 12A (Innsbruck, Austria)

Another adventure while traveling: Having your laptop’s screen go blank. On Monday, at first I thought it was because I forgot to plug it in, but the indicator lights that show the laptop’s charging were not on. I looked and looked for what the cause might be but discovered it could be most anything.

Then, while working on the laptop issue I started a conversation with the consulate on Cyprus, where I was planning to get my permanent passport and it wasn’t going well. First I was told that they were short-staffed and had no open appointments for another three weeks. Then they said I needed to complete a different form than what the Marseille consulate said I needed. Ten emails later I decided that I’ll keep the temporary one until I return to the U.S.

I’m feeling that there are signs that I need to return to the U.S. sooner than later. I had intended on staying a full four years but now I’ll visit just a few more places then return to the U.S. in May rather than July. Not a dramatic shift, but it felt good to make this decision. I’ll have time in Cyprus to make updates to my travel plans.

Before I write about what happened today, this I’ll first write about what I did Sunday and the rest of Monday.

On Sunday the 9th, another nice sunny day, I walked over again to the old town and looked around some more. It was near there the day before but I didn’t see much. It was amazing that just by walking through one street I found myself in a whole new town. The main attraction was the Golden Roof (Goldenes Dachl) that dates back to 1500. The other buildings dated from around that time as well. I also walked down by the Inn River. Was lucky to have two great days in a row. Tomorrow’s weather isn’t expected to be very good.

I wrote above about how Monday started for me and ended up with me walking to a place, in the rain, to find another power cord in hopes that would fix my laptop issue. When I returned to the flat and tried it out, it didn’t work. That confirmed for me that I needed to wrap up my travels here and return to the U.S. The issue with the passport was the icing on the cake. Making this decision made it easy to take a nap in the afternoon. I texted Viktor in Moscow and made arrangements to talk with him tomorrow.

Today (Tuesday) I woke up early and got ready to leave for Munich. I had enough time while getting ready to talk with Viktor who will help with getting my Russian visa. He will take off from work while I’m there and be my guide in both Moscow and St. Petersburg. After the call with Viktor I had time to arrange for a taxi to the train station and boarded the train at 10:40. I found a great seat and a place to put my luggage.

As the train headed to Munich I said goodbye to the Alps. The landscapes between the two cities was amazing to look at. I thought about taking pictures but I’ll just cherish the memories. As the train pulled into the Munich station it started to snow. Here I had been traveling around the Alps for nearly a month with no snowfall and now find myself in a snow storm. What a great welcome to Munich!

After checking into the hotel I immediately went to a computer store, via Uber, to buy a new Chromebook. I found one I liked and bought it. It wasn’t until I got back to my room that I discovered it had a German keyboard, which isn’t too different but it will slow me down while typing. Otherwise, when I logged into the laptop, all of my bookmarks and logins were saved. Though I had to struggle for a few minutes until I could change the on-screen instructions from German to English.

Tomorrow I leave for Cyprus. I received notification from FedEx that my replacement credit cards will arrive in Cyprus about the same time as me. Though they are two days late, which I pretty much expected.

I’m feeling good today how everything is coming together. I’ll sleep well tonight.


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