Friday, 7 February 2020

Vicolo Mattia Galasso, 13 (Trento, Italy)

Time to pack it up and move on to the next city. Though I was up early to make the hash browns and eggs, I went back to sleep. Packing can wait. When I did start the packing process I was ready at 11:30, locked up, dropped off the last of the rubbish in a bin down the street and was headed towards the nearby train station.

I’m still a bit unsure about Italian trains, but from experience I have reason to be. The train still hadn’t shown up on the display board on the platform until a couple of minutes before the train actually arrived, but it did show up. I didn’t have a reserved seat but easily found a place for me and my luggage for the trip to Innsbruck.

I very much enjoyed this train trip. The train passed through a number of tunnels as it headed north through the Alps. We passed great mountains and green fields before we came upon an accumulation of snow. This area had snow the day before and there was quite an accumulation of snow everywhere as we entered Innsbruck.

Rather than walk to the place where I’m staying I decided to take a taxi. I let the Airbnb host know that I was on my way and he met me outside and welcomed me to Innsbruck. (The taxi cost less than 8 Euro.) I learned that I’m staying in the flat where he once lived with his parents and two years ago remodeled the whole place and nowrents it out to Airbnb guests. It was very nicely done and the kitchen was much more complete than the flat in Trento – it has a toaster, kettle and dishwasher.

After a nap I took a walk to a nearby supermarket to find food for dinner and tomorrow. As I was leaving, since it was now dark, I should have looked back at which building I walked out of. Too late, I was on my way and I’ll figure it out when I return.

It was quite a walk to the store, which was located inside a large shopping mall. And it was getting very cold too. By the time I arrived at the mall I was ready to get warmed up. I should have worn gloves.

It was relatively easy to find what I needed and wanted to make something easy for dinner. I bought freshly made spinach ravioli, a jar of sauce, and a few additional items that filled up a bag. Now to find my way back.

I again walked through a park with many paths (discovering along the way that Google didn’t show me a quicker way to the store) and found my way back through the maze of pathways and used the nearby Still River to keep me on track, as well as the GPS on my phone. The Still River runs by the building where my flat is located.

When I got to where the building was located I got turned around and decided to contact my Airbnb host for help. The first time I’ve ever done that. I had even asked someone who lived in the area and he couldn’t find the building. Thankfully Hans, the Airbnb host, called me back quickly and guided me to the building. From there I found my way into the flat once again. Lesson Learned: On your first day in a new place, take the time to acquaint yourself with the outside of the building where you’re staying and the nearby streets.

Glad I found something easy and delicious to make. I hadn’t alway liked ravioli – probably because I had the canned version in the U.S. as school lunch. It wasn’t until I tried home-made ravioli that hooked me into liking it.

After dinner I wrote a travel blog entry that encompassed two days then watched the last two episodes of Merlin and an episode of the Twilight Zone. Sad that there are no more Merlin episodes to watch, even though I knew that he has to die in the end.

With the flat’s big windows, that don’t seem to be exceptionally well insulated, the flat never did warm up. Though I’m lucky to have a place where I can see the snow-covered mountains from both the front part of the house and my bedroom through the big windows. Not quite up to par with having a view of the Matterhorn, but a very nice one that I like very much.

Another comfortable bed to sleep in and look forward to a good nights sleep. Tomorrow I’ll wake up fairly early and head to the funicular that will take me up into the mountains, the ski resorts and views over the city. Tomorrow looks like it might be the last full day of sunshine while I’m here.

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