Thursday, 6 February 2020

Vicolo Mattia Galasso, 13 (Trento, Italy)

Wednesday the 5th was a sunny day, though I could hear a strong wind blowing as I woke up. The wind kept up until I left the flat shortly after 1:00. Since there was rain most of yesterday I hadn’t walked around the old part of the city where I’m staying.

Thankfully I checked the temperature before I left the flat. It was in the mid-forties and the wind was still blowing. I put on a heavier sweater and away I went. I headed first to the nearby cable car that runs to a point high above the city but found out it was closed because of the high winds. From there I walked up and down the streets and took pictures of the well-maintained city.

I passed many nice shops, churches and restaurants on my walk. The streets seemed that they still follow the same routes that were laid out hundreds of years ago. There were a number of small alleys and walk-through buildings and could easily imagine how it must have been before cars came about. Most of the streets were reserved for pedestrians and cars were limited to a few through streets.

After a couple of hours of walking I was getting cold and walked back to the flat, but made a quick stop at the store to pick up a few more items. I now have enough now for my stay. Looks like I’ll enjoy chicken for the next three nights. I bought a package of two full chicken breasts and the cost was a little over 6 Euros, so my dinners will be very economical.

Today, Thursday the 6th, I walked to the cable cars and they were now open since the wind had died down and it was a bit warmer. Since I was going up in the hills I wore a heavier coat. I also stopped by the train station to buy my ticket to Innsbruck, but there wasn’t anyone selling tickets that could speak English. The guy who helped me because frustrated because I didn’t want to leave at 9:30 in the morning, so I decided to try to purchase the ticket online.

There were a number of people waiting to take the cable car this afternoon but I got on the next one going up the hill. It was only 5 Euros for the ride up and back. What a great view going up the hill and could feel my ears pop a couple of times before we reached the top.

At the top there was a viewing platform where we could look out over the valley where the city was and neighboring towns as well. Beyond the city we had great views of the snow capped mountains. I took quite a few pictures and a video while I was up there. I had considered taking the train to another city located nearby but changed my mind.

Tonight I got ready to leave for Innsbruck and used up most of the food I bought on Monday. I never did find out where to take the garbage so I put what I had into a couple of bags and dropped the garbage into a trash receptacle just down the street. Tomorrow I’ll take out the remaining trash on my way to the station.

It has been interesting watching TV programs while here in Italy. I’ve been using my VPN connection to access programs only available in the U.S. and sometimes using a hotspot connection from my phone. I’m able to view everything I want to see on Netflix and also CBS All Access. Now I have three streaming services to watch TV programs, not including YouTube, which is mostly a free service.

I’m going to miss the bed here in this flat. Probably one of the most comfortable Airbnb beds that I’ve slept in. Big fluffy pillows were also a plus and I’ve been sleeping very well.

Tomorrow I plan to be out of the flat by 11:30 to catch the train to Innsbruck that leaves the station at 11:59. I had read about a train accident just south of Verona, not too far from Trento, where a high-speed train left the tracks and two crew members lost their lives. I hadn’t received any texts from friends or family so maybe the news of the accident hadn’t traveled outside of Italy.

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