Tuesday, 4 February 2020

Vicolo Mattia Galasso, 13 (Trento, Italy)

This morning I woke up to rain hitting the skylight above my bed. After having so many nice days I guess I wasn’t expecting rain. Perhaps I should have checked the forecast. But I had hash browns and fried eggs to make for breakfast, so all was well. The bed here if very comfortable, but the curtains in the bedroom do not block the morning light – so I put a blanket over the window opening. Problem solved.

It kept raining much of the morning then cleared up later. By then I wasn’t looking forward to going out to explore. I’ve been keeping watch on early election results from Iowa, but there seems to be a problem with the software they were trying to use. Of course my project management brain knows that someone didn’t do enough testing before deployment of the application. But what a time for this to happen.

I’ve decided, after doing more research, that the prime spots for Dolomite viewing require a car then a hike. I guess the view that I have from here will suffice. Also found out that the Dolomites are considered to be part of the Alps.

Nice to be able to cook again. Just a simple meal of chicken, broccoli, and boiled potatoes for me. I don’t mind. Easy to make and it fills me up.

Watched two more episodes of Merlin last night and finished up on a Twilight Zone episode that cut out on me while viewing it the night before. The small TV in the flat is sitting on a far wall and getting to the HDMI input port will be difficult so watching on my laptop will have to do.

Tomorrow I will plan to walk around the city and try to go up on the nearby cable car to get a better view of the city and the surrounding hills. Not sure what I’ll do on my last day here. Maybe take the train to another place nearby to get a different view.


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