Monday, 3 February 2020

DoubleTree by Hilton (Brescia, Italy)

No breakfast in my room today. It was back to eating downstairs early this morning. I wanted to get down early because I didn’t want to eat scrambled eggs that had been sitting in the warming pan for over an hour. Being one of the few people in the hotel (because it opened only a couple of weeks ago), I doubt if many were eating breakfast this morning. And I was right. Even though I showed up at 7:30, I was the first person to scoop out a portion of scrambled eggs. They were still good though. (I’m writing this blog post in very good health.)

Getting up early gave me time for a nap before getting ready to leave for Trento. I was delayed at the front desk on the way out because I’m no longer using the credit card that used to book my stay. Probably due to language differences and the staff being new they couldn’t figure out how to charge my new card. I made sure they had my new card info and left for the train station. I wasn’t going to be late for this train.

All went well going to Trento, including my transfer to another train in Verona. I found the Airbnb flat easily but put in the wrong number into the lockbox to fetch the key to the flat. But I got it figured out and was able to get in. (I used the wrong number to open the lockbox.) Seems that it is now rare for an Airbnb host to welcome their guests.

I noticed a few items missing such as a toaster (not required), a kettle to heat up water, an oven, and the washing machine but found out later that it was located in the building’s basement. So much for the flat having a fully equipped kitchen as it claimed in their listing. Perhaps my standards have increased over the last 3+ years and also having stayed in places that truly had fully equipped kitchens. I’ll make do and it will be fine.

After getting a few items put away I took a nap. The bed is very comfortable! After my nap I continued to put things away and then left to go grocery shopping. The flat had a few essential items but I’ll need supplies for staying four nights.

The store was less than 50 meters away, which was very convenient, and had everything I needed. I broke down and bought another grater to make hash browns in the morning. My substitute for not having a toaster. When I left the store I had two full bags of groceries. Though thankful I didn’t have far to walk because as I was entering the building one of the bags fell apart and groceries went everywhere. The tenant in the flat near the front door heard me and asked if he could help. I asked if he had an extra bag and he brought me one. I was very grateful.

I had received as a gift from the hotel, at the my stay in Turin, a small jar of tomato sauce. Not just plain tomato sauce – the good stuff. I packed it away and tonight was the night that I’ll use it. I bought fresh spinach tortellini and the sauce will go with this pasta. And it did! I’ll make a full dinner tomorrow night using the chicken that I bought. The two full bags of groceries were about $50, which I thought was a great price.

I found that by using my Irish phone as a WiFi hotspot to my laptop that I could now watch the remaining episodes of Merlin. Though I discovered that I can now watch past episodes of the Twilight Zone, but I decided to watch Merlin instead.

Found out late last night that my credit cards and a Medicare form that I needed to sign were on their way to Cyprus and should arrive on the 10th. I’ll arrive on the 12th and hope they will we waiting for me when I arrive. I’ll also receive my permanent passport in Larnaca, Cyprus.

Not sure what I’ll do tomorrow. I’m still looking for a tour that would take me up to the Dolomites so will probably work on that, as well as doing a load of wash. The weather isn’t expected to be too good in the morning but the next two days are going to be sunny. One more Airbnb stay in Innsbruck, then an overnight Hilton stay in Munich and then I’ll be on Cyprus for at least two weeks.

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