Sunday, 2 February 2020

DoubleTree by Hilton (Brescia, Italy)

First of all, I don’t purposely get the date or location wrong on the daily blog just to see if anyone notices. I’ve made this error a few times and, thankfully, someone corrects me. Though it is nice to hear from people who read my blog. Feel free to write if you have a question or comment.

Getting back to today . . . My breakfast was delivered on time and I’m enjoying having breakfast in my room, though I’m not going to make this a habit. I’m only doing it because it was offered. My orange juice was missing though, but I’ll overlook the omission.

I left the hotel for the train station to visit Verona today. At the train station, in addition to purchasing the ticket for today’s train, I purchased my ticket for tomorrow’s Trento journey. The total for both tickets were around 50 Euro.

It took about 40 minutes or so to get to Verona. The weather was very nice so I walked to the old town (Citta Antica), which was a 20 minute walk from the station. As I got closer to that part of the city the number of people greatly increased. It was Sunday and most people were out with friends and family walking around the large square next to the ancient arena that was built by Romans in the first century. The arena is still used for events.

My walking goal was to visit Juliet’s house (of Romeo and Juliet). Of course the characters were fictional and it is said that this 14th century house, with its balcony, inspired Shakespeare to write the play. To get to the balcony from the large town square (not sure if this open area has a name) I walked up a very busy street. This street seemed to be the place to be seen and high-end shops lined the street for a good 500 meters.

Juliet’s balcony was easy to find after that. I could see that people could go up and stand on the balcony while someone took their picture. (I wasn’t interested.) I took a couple of pictures and left.

I started to walk back to the train station via another route that took me to the Adige River that runs through Verona. The Adige is the second longest river in Italy and flows from the Alps to the Adriatic Sea.

Walking back to the station I took, as much as possible, the back streets rather than where the crowds were. Again, almost all of the buildings in this district were well-maintained and was fun to look up and down the side streets. I came upon an archaeological dig and it appears it was from Roman times and it was fenced off and nice to look at. I tried to look for a sign that told about the site but didn’t see one.

When I arrived at the train station I saw that I had walked nearly 12,000 steps. I bought a sandwich at the station to eat on the train since I hadn’t eaten since 7:30 this morning.

By the time I returned to Brescia it was dark but I made it back to the hotel just fine. I was so very tired and took a good solid nap before thinking about having anything to eat. Eventually I made a couple of small sandwiches using the leftover prosciutto and cheese. I tried finding something to watch but couldn’t find anything interesting that I’d want to watch as a series.

Tomorrow I leave to Trento where I’ll stay four nights. It is near the Dolomites which is why I’m staying there. I’m still trying to find a tour or driver that will take me around the Dolomites. I’m leaving in the early afternoon so I’ll have time to rest before hopping on the train.

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