Thursday, 30 January 2020

DoubleTree by Hilton (Turin, Italy)

Plenty of time to get ready this morning since my train to Brescia doesn’t leave until 12:50. I even had time for a good nap after breakfast. When I checked out I discovered that my calls to the U.S., using the hotel phone, were free of charge. I didn’t ask why and just thanked them for not charging me. Before I went down to check out I made sure to give the hotel a great view on TripAdvisor.

I had a good chat with the taxi driver who drove me to the train station. I mentioned that I stay in Edinburgh each year and he said it was one of his favorite places to visit. He liked the whiskey there, the people and said it was very beautiful. I agreed with him on everything but the whiskey.

I found myself being very conscience about making sure I was on the right train and not sure why. I kept double checking the train and the time. Also making sure my money and passport were in a safe place. Perhaps I’m overcompensating for my loss last week. I didn’t dwell on it too much since I was distracted most of the way to Milan by a child who wouldn’t stop talking or singing. And he, his mother and grandmother were 10 rows away. Thankfully we were on a high-speed train, traveling at nearly 300 kph, so we reached Milan in a little over an hour.

When the train arrived at Milan Central I again was careful to get on the correct connecting train to Brescia. Though, I’ve not had good luck with transportation at Milan Central. I found the layout of the station confusing and difficult to find the proper train, especially getting to Milan’s Malpensa Airport. But I easily found the train to Brescia and we were on our way.

When I got off the train I must have taken a wrong turn because I found myself in Brescia station’s nearby Metro station. Once I found the train station building I then found the taxi rank outside. It was a 20 minute ride to the hotel by taxi and will try to use the Metro when I leave. I just wanted to check in to the hotel and get settled in.

The hotel is very basic, and though it is also a Hilton DoubleTree property, it wasn’t as nice as the DoubleTree in Turin. But the reception staff was very nice and I was soon in my room. I was told my room would face the main street, with assurances that the room is sound proof, but found myself facing the back of the hotel which was better.

For dinner, I went down to the restaurant’s dining room and found I was the only one there. I was going to ask that the meal be taken to my room but thought that I’d at least give the one person working there someone to wait on. It wasn’t until later that I found out that this hotel had only been open a couple of weeks and I was one of the few guests in the hotel.

I watched more of The Expanse when I returned to my room and also the next episode of Star Trek’s Picard but had to watch on my laptop again. Would be nice to watch on the big screen TV in my room, but the screen is secured to the wall and no way for me to plug in my HDMI cord.

Earlier I checked the stats on my blog site and saw that I now have 75,738 reads and 67,358 visitors, which seems about right. I have about 50 visitors a day, so 50 visitors a day x 365 days in a year x 3.5 years of writing the blog = 63,875. 1.4 million have viewed the pictures I’ve posted on Google.

Tomorrow, since it will be a nice day according to the forecast, I’ll walk around the city and visit a few of the historical sites. Looking forward to getting back to walking longer distances again.

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