Friday, 31 January 2020

DoubleTree by Hilton (Brescia, Italy)

Slept very well last night but managed to go down for breakfast this morning by 8:00. The breakfast selection was about the same as what I found in Turin but it filled me up and I was happy.

I decided since it was a nice day today that I’d stay in Brescia and walk around the old part of the city. Brescia isn’t as big as Turin but is about the same age.

After breakfast and a nap I left to take the Metro down to the train station and from there will walk to the old town. This will give me a chance to see to see a part of the city and also the historical buildings.

I first walked around the Piazza della Vittoria then the nearby Piazza ella Loggia. Like Turin they have kept up the older buildings very well. I marvel at the artisanship that was employed to create the facades of these buildings.

From the Piazzas I walked up to the Brescia Castle. I didn’t realize how much of a climb it was. So many steps, but I took my time and rested every so often and admired the views on the way up. At least the weather is cool and not hot.

When I reached the castle I walked up to the large park just below the castle. From the park you get a view of the city so I took a couple of videos from two different spots because I couldn’t get it all in from just the one. At least there was one working restroom at the castle. Not many public restrooms can be found in Italian cities from what I’ve discovered. The one restroom at the visitor center was out of order but the other one was working. Only cost .10 Euro.

I wasn’t interested in going through the castle. I knew it was going to take an hour to get back to the hotel and by that time it would be nearly 5:00. I even took a quicker way down to the nearest Metro station, though it was slow going because the pathways were paved with medium-sized rock that was uneven and difficult, at least for me, to walk on. But I made it to the Metro station eventually.

After a nap a decided to try to walk to a nearby (sort of) Burger King. There aren’t many restaurants in the area. Google said it was .7 miles away and was surprised that after walking around this afternoon I still have good energy to make it to Burger King. Well, I never made it there because I started getting lost. There is a huge hospital between me and the Burger King and I couldn’t get around it so I turned around and went back to the hotel.

Earlier I picked up some food items from a nearby store so I didn’t go to bed hungry. A person at the hotel’s front desk gave me better instructions to get to Burger King. I could eat in the hotel restaurant but there isn’t much on the menu that I’m interested in eating. I had risotto the first night I was here, but not interested in having it again.

I watched the last episode of The Expanse and now have to wait until the next season to start, which will be in about a year. I’ll go back and finish watching Flash then find something else to watch on Netflix or Amazon. I can only watch a couple of hours a night then I’m ready for sleep.

Tomorrow clouds are expected and I’ll use the time to take care of more planning and prepare for visiting Verona on Sunday. I’ll probably walk around some tomorrow as well. Today I got in over 15,000 steps!

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