Tuesday, 28 January 2020

DoubleTree by Hilton (Turin, Italy)

Goal for today was to wrap up loose ends with finances. But first, a Hilton breakfast. I slept very well last night and probably slept for over 10 hours. Must have been tired from all of the travel from yesterday. When I returned to my room after breakfast I started in on my do-to list.

I was able to phone the U.S. from my room which was very helpful. I confirmed that Bank of America didn’t need anything more from me, activated my replacement debit card, send myself a Moneygram that I’ll pick up tomorrow. Also reset my password for my Vodafone account. I asked the hotel’s front desk to verify that my Google Pay works, and it does. I also transferred my funds from my Chase Bank to my Credit Union and will close out the Chase accounts in the next few days – I’m done with them.

After a nap and writing my travel blog it was time for dinner. I ate dinner in the restaurant’s dining room and it was very good. Vegetable soup and a beef steak that was well-cooked and very tender. I returned to my room and watched an episode of The Expanse (Season 4) via Amazon. I barely made it through the episode and I was tired.

Tomorrow I’ll pick up my money and be a tourist for the day. Looking forward to exploring Turin (or Torino as it is called locally). I only have one day to look around and then I’m traveling by train to my next stop (Brescia and Verona).


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