Wednesday, 22 January 2020

23 Rue Etienne Richerand (Lyon, France)

Today I’m visiting Grenoble, another former site of the Winter Olympics. My goal is to see how many of the former sites I can visit while in the Alps. I’ll arrive early afternoon and will have a few hours there before returning to Lyon.

Was out the door at around noon and on my way to the station where I purchased my tickets from a ticket machine. The station is only a 10 minutes walk. Trains to Grenoble are frequent and I had just enough time to find the platform where my train will depart.

The ride to Grenoble was very smooth and enjoyed looking out at the countryside, mostly of farm lands and small villages. Nice that the weather is mild and lightly overcast with some sun breaks here and there.

Once I arrived in Grenoble I walked to the cable car station where I would ride these “bubble” cars up to the Bastille that overlooks the city. When I arrived at the station I discovered that the operation is shut down from 1:30 – 4:30 each day. Oh well, more time to walk around the old town and along the river.

The Isère River runs through Grenoble and there are walkways on both sides where you can admire the homes and businesses that line the streets. Each home is painted a different pastel color so it makes for an attractive picture.

I visited a couple of churches and the oldest of the two was from the 16th century. Many parks and buildings that look like they were built in the 17th and 18th centuries. In any case I enjoyed my walk very much and thankful it wasn’t cold and rainy – though a bit more sunshine would have been nice.

After a few hours I boarded the train for a return trip to Lyon. Both coming and going I wasn’t asked to show my ticket. Though I would never think about boarding a train without buying a ticket. The train only had a few passengers. In fact when I came from Geneva yesterday I was the only person in my part of the train.

After my nap I went again to the nearby Lidl store for a couple of items. I would really would have like to find either broccoli or spinach but they didn’t have any. I did buy spinach yesterday but it hadn’t been trimmed or cleaned. This is a discount store so it doesn’t carry all items. I’ll need to find a more complete store tomorrow.

Alas, no Merlin while I’m in France. Netflix here doesn’t carry the series. But they do have the Flash so I’ll have something to watch. Just before I went to bed I heard from my niece that my Christmas check to her arrived yesterday. This is the one I mailed from London just after Christmas. Of course the day after I issued a stop payment on the check the check arrived in her mailbox.

Tomorrow I’ll rest up and my plan is to write this blog post, find a more complete grocery store and continue travel planning.

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