Tuesday, 21 January 2020

33 Avenue du Casino (Montreux, Switzerland)

On Saturday the 18th I didn’t do much, just went for a walk by the lake then picked up groceries from the store before returning to the flat. I really enjoyed just the view of the lake and people watching. A relaxing day.

On Sunday the 19th I decided to take the funicular up to a point in the hills behind Montreux. It was a fairly nice day and enjoyed my walk to the station. It wasn’t crowded at all in the car that took us up the steep hill to the first station. From there I took the alpine train to Caux which was further up the hill. I didn’t prepare for the cold but was able to take a few pictures before meeting the train (full of skiers returning from a day on the slopes) that took me back to the funicular station. When I got back to Montreux I called for an Uber to take me to where I’m staying because it was getting dark and very cold. Good thing I went grocery shopping on Saturday because all the food stores are closed on Sunday in Montreux.

On Monday the 20th I took the train to Chamonix, a village at the base of Mont Blanc. The journey involved several change of trains but all went very well and got to Chamonix in a couple of hours. At the travel office I found out how to get to the cable car that would take me to the observation station high on the mountain. While on the cable car I met several travelers from Washington D.C., Chicago, and Montana. The view up there was amazing. Certainly a top-of-the-world experience and the weather was perfect, except it was very cold. So cold that my feet were getting numb and I bought a pair of thicker socks at the gift shop to wear. It was -18C outside so no wonder I was cold. But I took many pictures and a few videos before returning to Chamonix. After a lunch in town I took the return journey back to Montreux.

Today I was up fairly early to clean the flat and pack for my trip to Lyon, France. Was a bit rushed but kept in mind the phrase, “This, or something better.” I was concerned about making the train connection in Geneva, but it all worked out and I was in Lyon at half past 3:00. The flat where I am staying had special instructions to enter but I figured everything out and was able to gain entrance to the flat. Of course, no instructions at all and I needed to message the Airbnb host or just figure out everything on my own. Was surprised that this host was certified as a Super Host. No view from this place, but the price is right and it is located near the train station. Tomorrow I’ll visit Grenoble.


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