Monday, 13 January 2020

Zurich Airport Hilton (Zurich, Switzerland)

I didn’t sleep much sleep last night and not sure why. As a result I got a late start because I took a nap after I ate breakfast. I just threw everything in the suitcase and walked out the door. I’ll sort out my clothes and stuff when I arrive in Zermatt.

Was a little early getting to the train station and waited on the platform while three trains came and went. I knew which car (wagon) I was in but the numbers were not displayed on the outside. I asked a fellow from the train company which car do I get into and how to find my reserved seat. From what I could tell you have to stick your head inside and read the car number there and the seat numbers are also displayed. Eventually I found my seat and we were on our way.

I was a bit concerned that I wouldn’t have time in Visp to get from one platform to the other in six minutes, but thanks to the punctuality of the Swiss trains, we were there on time and I was out the door when the train stopped. Now I began my an hour ride up the hill on the cog train to Zermatt. A few miles away from the station in Visp the train engaged the cog drive and it was like shifting a car from 2-wheel to 4-wheel drive.

On the way up we could see more and more snow the higher we climbed. And right on time we entered the Zermatt station.

I knew I needed food and needed to go shopping before hiring a taxi to take me to the chalet where I’ll stay. Since I had been warned the chalet was on the hillside I knew that I wouldn’t want to buy groceries and carry them up the hill. I ended up with two bags that cost $88 USD. A little more expensive than I remembered but when you consider that this will cover over 9 meals it still is much cheaper than a restaurant. (Big Macs in Zermatt are nearly $12 each.)

I had asked about which taxis to use. I hadn’t used a taxi in Zermatt before, from two prior visits, since the place where I stayed was within easy walking distance from the store and train station. When I left the store a taxi driver was there waiting for me and helped me load my suitcase and groceries on to his mini electric vehicle. He seemed to have a small problem understanding the address but he figured it out.

Glad I took a taxi since the chalet was indeed on the side of a hill. I’m staying in the ground floor of the chalet and it has a good view of the town below and of the Matterhorn. I was tired. From travel and from my lack of sleep. I did the minimal unpacking then took a good nap.

After my nap I fully unpacked, sorted my clothes and put them away in drawers. I’ve been living out of a suitcase since Basingstoke when I last did my laundry. After getting unpacked I worked on my blog post for yesterday.

I must have had my head in the clouds since the first of the year. The date on all of my posts since January 1st still had December as the month. At least I remembered to change the year. I had to go back and edit all of the posts for this month.

For dinner I fried a piece of chicken (boneless/skinless), boiled potatoes and steamed spinach. I guess I don’t mind having pretty much the same food for dinner, or breakfast when I make hash browns and fried eggs or when I have my Hilton breakfast. I must need some consistency when I travel.

The laptop was easy to hook up to the TV and watched a couple of episodes of Merlin before going to bed. (I’m now watching season four out of five.) Tomorrow, weather permitting, I’ll take a cog train up to Gornergrat, walk in the snow, take pictures and eat lunch while admiring the view. I’m excited!

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