Thursday, 9 January 2020

6 Hamslade Street – Poundbury (Dorchester, England)

I was ready (just barely) for my Airbnb host to pick me up at 10:45 for my ride to the train station. Rather than packing I was looking at various travel options for visiting the Swiss and French Alps and wasn’t watching the time. I usually shave before each trip (one of my quirky habits to shave before traveling by train or plane) but didn’t have time today.

My Airbnb host and I had a good chat before arriving to the station. Nice to leave when the sun was out so I’d have memories of Poundbury and Dorchester other than them being overcast and rainy. While waiting for the train I had a conversation with an man (and bike) who were traveling in the same direction who said he has a number of relatives, including his sons, who either travel to the U.S. often or live there, but he has never been. He has been retired for a number of years and lost his wife a couple of year ago. The things I learn from casual conversations. Though I didn’t learn why he was traveling with his bike.

The trip into London took a little over two hours then took the underground from Waterloo station into Paddington station. The Hilton sits above the station so was a short trip to the reservation desk. I was upgraded to a very nice room on the top floor and away (perhaps too far) from the elevators. Think I’ve written before that having a room next to the elevators is not ideal since people generally talk while waiting for the elevator or are talking when they get out. And this can go on all night.

Later, after my nap, I started playing around with various travel options for visiting the Swiss and French Alps when I came up with a workable plan: Zermatt to Montreux (visit to Chamonix, Mont Blanc), to Lyon (from there I can visit a few French resorts like Grenoble, Chambery, and Albertville), Turin, Verona, Trento (visit nearby Dolomites), then Innsbruck. And that is a far as I got.

Dinner was easy. There is a Marks & Spencer down at the train station and I found a few items for dinner. But was delayed eating since it took longer than expected to hook up my laptop to the TV, who was being fussy about communicating with my laptop.

I also got caught up on my correspondence, travel blog and submitted a couple of reviews. I received back, from Dee and Baz (Airbnb hosts), their very positive review regarding my stay. I was in bed by 11:00. The only plan I’ve visiting tomorrow is Temple Church which was built by the Knights Templar as their English headquarters and consecrated in 1185.

Day after tomorrow and I’ll be in Switzerland!

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