Wednesday, 8 January 2020

6 Hamslade Street – Poundbury (Dorchester, England)

After breakfast and a shower I made my way outside to explore Poundbury. Still overcast but no rain.

I used a map of Poundbury to guide today’s walk. The map included shop locations and street names. There were a number of shops scattered here and there but wasn’t tempted to go inside any of them. I would imagine that most residents of Poundbury would find many services and products available and expect more businesses to move in once the next few phases of Poundbury are completed.

When I returned to my place I started working with an Airbnb representative to resolve the open issues from my last stay. In the end, I received a refund of $117, which was about the cost for staying in the flat for one day. They said they would monitor the host to make sure that future guests receive the best service. Very impressed with Airbnb!

Tomorrow I leave for London where I’ll stay for two nights then fly to Zurich and stay two more nights before taking the train to Zermatt and stay there until the 17th. After that, I don’t have plans firmed up at this time. I’m sure I’ll figure out something, but would like to get an idea what to expect from the weather before making any bookings.

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