Tuesday, 7 January 2020

6 Hamslade Street – Poundbury (Dorchester, England)

Sometimes you can be too comfortable, or too tired, when you go to bed and you have trouble falling asleep. In this case I was probably too comfortable. Very quiet at night too. But eventually I got enough sleep and felt somewhat refreshed in the morning.

Outside it was foggy and somewhat misty but I decided to walk into Dorchester and look around. I’ll walk around Poundbury tomorrow when it (hopefully) clears up.

The walk into Dorchester took about 30 minutes and walked into the city center and looked at the various shops in town. I suppose you would consider this a typical English town, and having a population of around 20,000. While in town I found a barbershop and stopped in for a haircut. There really wasn’t much to see in town, though there was a Teddy Bear Museum.

I took the bus part way to Poundbury and walked the remaining distance on foot. Walked almost 7,500 steps today. My feet were a bit damp by the time I got back. I suppose I should have worn my waterproof boots.

I went to Waitrose and bought a few items, then after publishing a travel blog update and a nap I started dinner. I bought a package of three chicken breasts (skinless / boneless) when I was in Basingstoke but never ate them so put them in the freezer and brought them with me to Poundbury. The package of three cost £4.50 or about $5.00. Along with the chicken I made a good helping of spinach (used the whole bag) and lightly mashed potatoes. There was balsamic vinegar in the cupboard and sprinkled some on the spinach.

Just before I started cooking my Airbnb host (the husband) brought over two lamps for the front room. I was going to comment to the hosts that the front room could use a couple of lamps rather than just having the overhead light. He also brought with him an oven mitt and kitchen scissors. I guess they are still outfitting the place. The lamps made a big difference. He offered to drive me to the station on Thursday. (I can see that they will be receiving a very nice review from me.)

Tomorrow I’ll walk around Poundbury, which is why I’m staying here, to see this planned community. The weather should be better tomorrow.


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