Monday, 6 January 2020

Churchill Way East – Churchill Place (Basingstoke, England)

Another moving day and I was up early to finish packing and to clean the flat. Just about the time I was patting myself on the back for being well-prepared and ahead of schedule, I received a text alerting me that trains to Winchester were being delayed or cancelled because of a signal issue at Waterloo station in London. As a result I finished with my packing and left the flat about an hour before I had planned.

On the way to the train station I stopped by the bus terminal to see about taking a bus to Winchester to meet up with the train that would take me to Dorchester. There was a bus but it would put me in a Winchester after my scheduled train. I continued on to the Basingstoke station on the other side of the mall to talk with someone at the station.

As I found out at the station the trains were still running but on a delayed schedule. I was able to take the next train to Winchester and met up with a train that put me back on schedule.

By the time the train reached Dorchester it has started to rain. I was to meet my Airbnb host at the station and wasn’t sure which side of the station he would be waiting. This station was a small station and incoming passengers could leave from either side of the tracks. I texted him and found that he was on the other side of the station. As a result I hauled my suitcase up a flight of stairs that took me to an overhead passage then down a staircase to the other side. I was definitely got a workout today!

My host drove me from the station into Poundbury (just outside of Dorchester) where I’ll be staying. As for Poundbury, it is a new development that was funded and personally sponsored by Prince Charles and the Duchy of Cornwall, of which he inherited because of his title. I had seen a program on the Duchy and was fascinated how he had helped design this development to support his sustainability initiative while providing excellent housing for those interested.

Poundbury is not an affordable housing development. But it does offer new upscale housing that improves the income for people in the area and the Duchy to fund his other projects and income for him and his family. The designs of the homes and businesses are inspired from architecture from past eras, mainly the late 18th and early 19th century. While some critics have called Poundbury “a feudal Disneyland”, the development has been given praise at how thoughtful and sustainable this new community has become.

The place where I’m staying is a two bedroom attached home that was recently built. Everything is very new and the hosts have made the space very comfortable for their guests. Everything in the home is of the highest quality.

After I received a tour of the place I quickly got settled then walked over to the nearby Waitrose to purchase food for the next few days. The store blends in well to the surrounding buildings and inside I found everything I needed for my stay.

Before dinner I took a nap. While fixing dinner I found everything I needed. The kitchen was fully equipped which was quite a change from where I was staying in Basingstoke. I could easily live in a place like this, though wouldn’t need the second bedroom.

Nice to have a full screen TV to watch my Merlin program. I could have sat up and watched Merlin episodes all night except I knew it was time for bed at around 11:00. No plans for tomorrow, but will enjoy my surroundings and have a good night’s sleep.

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