Sunday, 5 January 2020

Churchill Way East – Churchill Place (Basingstoke, England)

Having decided to not visit Stonehenge today, I booked a train ticket for a return trip to Winchester to see the Great Hall. Nice that after a few days I’m making my way with ease through the mall to the train station and finding the platform where I’ll catch the train.

When I arrived in Winchester I took a new route to the Great Hall so I’d see more of the town. Though not much to see except for this massive parking structure that I passed along the way. Maybe its an option for local people so their cars are not parked on the street?

I took a couple of pictures outside of the Great Hall but due to its location I was having doubts about how to place the building without it looking sideways. I took several pictures and will pick the best of the lot before posting to Instagram.

The Great Hall was part of the much larger castle that William the Conqueror had built, starting in 1067. At that time Winchester was the ancient capital of Wessex and is where Egbert, the first kind of England, was crowned. Winchester remained an important city even as London became the primary capital of England.

The Great Hall is a large open space, with stained glass windows on the outer walls showing the coat of arms from many English families. On one end of the hall hangs the top of the Roundtable that Henry VIII had repainted with the names of King Arthur’s legendary knights and his picture at the top of the table, in the place of King Arthur, with the Tudor rose in the center.

At the other end of the hall are large stainless steel gates that were commissioned to commemorate the marriage of Charles to Diana. A large statue of Queen Victoria can be found in one corner of the hall. Outside is a garden that represents a typical garden from the 13th century. That pretty much is all that are contained in the hall. It was helpful that scattered around the hall were poster boards detailing the history of the hall, which was helpful.

After I left the hall I was in the mood for Chinese food and found a restaurant on the main street that lead back to the station. I ordered prawns and broccoli, and it was very good and hit the spot. I had seen this restaurant when I visited on Friday but it was closed by the time I found it.

Upon arriving back at Basingstoke I stopped by the Sainsbury store in the mall and bought more crumpets. Love toasting a crumpet and adding little bit of butter on top. Of course I’d like to add honey as well, but I have to show a little restraint.

Tomorrow I leave for Poundbury and started to pull together everything that I need to pack in the morning. I’m looking forward to the day when I’m settled again and can put everything away once and for all. (Until I decide to move at some point further down the road.) One thing that I’ll not do is accumulate “things” that will need to be packed up for another move. I have been looking at potential cars that I might buy when I return to Portland, but this is only for budgeting purposes, at least that what I’m telling myself.

Looking forward to traveling to Poundbury tomorrow. One step closer to my trip to Switzerland.

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