Thursday, 2 January 2020

DoubleTree by Hilton – Westminster (London, England)

Yesterday was a chill sort of day and I used it make more travel plans and to send correspondence. I now have plans after I leave Basingstoke on the 6th (visiting Poundbury), wrote to my uncle and aunt, and sent Happy New Year texts.

Was up early this morning, packed by 11:15 and ready to check out of the hotel. For whatever reason I wasn’t in a good mood and not sure why. Everyone was very friendly in the hotel restaurant and I enjoyed my last breakfast in this hotel and no delays getting checked out, but I wasn’t my normal happy self. I felt annoyed that the person checking me out of the hotel asked if I had anything planned for the day. Perhaps I was somehow disappointed that I was going to Basingstoke rather than Zermatt?

I was also very quiet while the Uber driver drove me to Waterloo Station. Though by the time we arrived I was happy to be at the station on time and walked to the correct platform on time without delays. Though I found myself in the first class carriage so I had to move. I’ve made this mistake before (just once) and it was embarrassing.

Basingstoke is not too far from London and I arrived there in about 45 minutes. Now to find the property where I’ll be staying. I thought I wouldn’t need a taxi because Google said it was only five minutes away by walking. Well, it was a bit further than that. The instructions that I was given by the Airbnb host were rather vague but I’m used to that. Eventually I found the property and got up to the flat shortly afterward.

The flat is on the 10th floor and is fairly large but sparsely furnished. I started to unpack and decided to see if I could hook my laptop to the TV. Though I discovered that I couldn’t turn the TV on. Was is plugged in? (Yes) Perhaps it was the batteries in the remote. In any case I sent a note to the Airbnb host letting him know and that I’ll pick up new batteries when I was at the store. I also noticed that the frying pan’s non-stick coating was worn and rusty. I’ll need to buy a new one while at the store because a rusty pan wouldn’t work for me.

After a nap I was ready to walk to the nearby Waitrose. It was a short walk and found myself in a very large store, but probably considered to be average-sized according to the much-to-large U.S. standards. I found everything I needed and from there I walked next door to a John Lewis store and bought a frying pan.

By the time I arrived back at the flat I still hadn’t heard from the Airbnb host. But now I was hungry. Yesterday I was thinking about making my version of McDonald’s Egg McMuffin and had that on my mind. At the store I bought English muffins, eggs, butter, thinly slicked ham and cheddar cheese. Eating this treat put me in a very good mood! But I can’t eat this every day. From now on I need to eat a simple breakfast of oatmeal and yogurt. No more hash browns and fried eggs. (My waistline was talking to me.)

While I watched three episodes of Merlin on my laptop and washed a load of clothes. It wasn’t too long before I became very tired so I went to bed. The washer had a built-in dryer but I didn’t want to fully dry my clothes because theses combo washer-dryers use very high heat to dry – even if you select a lower temperature. I ended up stopping the dryer and taking out the clothes and hung them up to finish drying.

Tomorrow I’m taking the train to Winchester to see the cathedral and also the remains of the old castle. It will be a pretty easy day and look forward to exploring a new town. Glad my poor mood went away by the time my head hit the pillow.

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