Tuesday, 31 December 2019

DoubleTree by Hilton – Westminster (London, England)

Today is the last day of 2019 and what a year it has been. (Of course I could say that about the last three years as well.) I never fully expected to visit India – also Nepal and the UAE. Nor did I expect to be practically laid up for a month after a fall, issues with sciatic pain for several months, and (thankfully) a quick fix for my left lens to improve my sight. The good and the not-so-good should be expected. All is well now.

I managed to finish reading the book, “Mind Wide Open”, yesterday while sitting in a nearby coffee shop. I knew that once I got into the book that finishing it up would be possible. Thankfully, being a quick reader helps and made it through 150+ pages in 90 minutes. I was impressed at the author’s attention to detail and his extensive Notes section, Bibliography and Index at the back of the book. I noticed that he has a couple of TED talks, available via YouTube, that I’ll listen to at a later time.

When I returned to the hotel I found that my room still hadn’t been made up and decided to have a glass of red wine in the hotel’s bar (using a coupon that I received when I checked in). The wine was perfect for helping to get me ready for a nap, knowing that I’d be up late tonight.

After my nap I watched a few more episodes of Merlin then at 11:00 I left the hotel to find a place to watch the fireworks. I discovered that the nearby Lambeth Bridge was packed so walked towards Vauxhall Bridge where I found a place to stand along the way that had a somewhat clear view of the London Eye.

While waiting, a group of young adults who could have been from India, starting to dance in a style that was part Bollywood and part hip-hop. One of them brought some device that played music and they danced for nearly 30 minutes before the fireworks started. I spoke to a few people around me while waiting as well.

The fireworks started and ended over a period of 10 minutes. It was quite a show from what I could see. But only 10 minutes? This year I was much closer to where I was staying and was back in my room in less than 15 minutes. I watched a couple more episodes of Merlin then went to bed. I managed to get two videos posted to Instagram before going to sleep.

I don’t have much planned for tomorrow except getting ready to leave for Basingstoke on Thursday. I’m sure I’ll find something to do tomorrow, I always have small projects to keep me busy.


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