Monday, 30 December 2019

DoubleTree by Hilton – Westminster (London, England)

Was surprised this morning when I went down for breakfast. So many people! Mostly Americans too from what I could tell and the place was packed. Thankfully one of the staff said she would get my breakfast for me rather than have me waiting in line.

In the afternoon I took the underground over to the Vauxhall station to purchase another senior rail pass since my last pass expired in October. I’ll need it over the next week for my day trips from Bakingstoke and it will pay for itself after a few trips.

Then took the underground to Oxford Street and Soho to do some shopping and have lunch. Last year I found a burger place in Soho that serves an American style burger for a reasonable price. My American style, the burger has a little mayonnaise and mustard with lettuce and not any “special sauce” that some restaurants add that detracts from the taste.

So many people still out shopping and it was difficult to get around on Oxford Street. I dropped in at Sports Direct (very large store that carries most every brand at a good price) to buy new gloves and a new cap. My heavy duty gloves were in Wales with Prean where I left some of my clothes last Christmas. I doubt if I’ll get to them before I leave for Switzerland on the 11th. Then to Marks & Spencer to buy a couple of scarfs. Now I’m ready for Switzerland.

I’m becoming interested in a train that runs between the resorts in the Alps (Swiss and French). (I can tell I’m missing the snow.) I still need to plan out a longer visit to France in March (?), but haven’t committed to a plan.

I can tell I’m ready to move from London and looking forward to my stay in Bakingstoke and my day trips. One of my day trips will be to Winchester Cathedral and another to Salisbury Cathedral (perhaps Stonehenge too).

I’ve been enjoying watching the Merlin series at night. I should be reading rather than watching TV. One of my goals for 2019 was to read at least one book. Looks like I know what I’ll be doing tomorrow. (Finish reading Mind Wide Open.)

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