Sunday, 29 December 2019

DoubleTree by Hilton – Westminster (London, England)

Glad I booked my stay in this hotel. This location has worked out very well for being able to easily get to events and getting around in general. Today was another sunny day and I was out and about walking around the Westminster area taking pictures and enjoying the sights and sounds.

While walking in the neighborhood of the hotel I met one of the organizers who are coordinating the appearance of bands participating in the New Years Day parade. She invited me to one of their performances prior to the parade.

Walking up to Buckingham Palace from Westminster was very enjoyable. So many people were out and about. I forgot that sunset comes early here and by 3:30 the sun was starting to drop below the buildings but I still was able to take some great pictures.

I sat in front of Buckingham Palace watching the people pressing up to the gates to get a better look. There is something about this building that draws people to it like no other I’ve seen. The White House in Washington D.C. doesn’t have the same draw as Buckingham Palace. I’ve never seen a protest in front of the palace but have seen many in front of the White House since my first visit there in 1970 and many times since then, regardless of who was president.

By now it was starting to get dark and I walked towards the Green Park station where I caught a train back to the hotel. I stopped by the local Sainsbury’s before retiring for the day. When I got back to my room I tried to book tickets for the New Years Eve fireworks but still was not successful. Think I found a scam website that was looking for my bank information. No thanks!

Glad I found a place to stay in Basingstoke for when I leave London on the 2nd. The Basingstoke location will be ideal for day trips to places in that part of England. I’m looking forward to my trip to Switzerland starting on the 11th as well. Will probably stay for a few days in London prior to my flight.

Starting to watch a new series on Netflix. This one is about another version of Merlin and King Arthur. I watched three episodes tonight and now I’m hooked.

After texting a friend in New York City, who I’ll see in July, I’m really ramping up for my return to the U.S. My recent conversation with Scott confirms that I should be able to find a flat at my old location when I return. Though still very much looking forward to new adventures in Europe. I feel that the next few months will be amazing.

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