Saturday, 28 December 2019

DoubleTree by Hilton – Westminster (London, England)

As it turned out Csabi wasn’t able to make it to London so today, on Boxing Day, I didn’t do too much. Though I did confirm that I’ll stay at this hotel until the 2nd of January and then booked a ticket to see Noises Off, a comedy that is playing near Leicester Square on Saturday. Also booked a ticket to tour Windsor Castle tomorrow.

On Friday the 27th I took the train (again) to Windsor and toured the castle. Many of the State Rooms have a Christmas tree and the place is decorated for Christmas. Every time I walk through the castle I see something different. I had a good conversation with the guide who was in the Waterloo Room who told me that there were pictures behind those that we see on the walls. During WWII, all the pictures were removed and a local artist painted pictures in the place where the historical pictures had been hung. She showed me some of the pictures that were taken after the fire of 1992 while the castle was being restored.

While in Windsor I returned to the place where I bought my replacement phone and asked why locations were not showing up on my Google timeline. They confirmed that the phone was configured correctly. While on the train back to London I had a text conversation with Google who confirmed that it was a known issue and that I’ll have to wait for a solution to be released.

When I returned to the hotel my luggage was moved to my new room since I had to give up the suite where I was staying. But I did get to keep the original price of staying there. I asked for the room I had when I arrived on the 13th. Nice to not have to get acquainted with a new room.

Today I took some clothes and my old boots to a charity shop (British Red Cross) to make a donation. It was quite a walk from the Sloane Square station. While in the charity shop I bought a bowl that I can use for my oatmeal.

Last night I went to see Noises Off and walked to the theater. Since I arrived early I bought a coffee mug in a souvenir shop across the street. I had seen this play when Portland Center State produced it sometime around 1985. The play is hysterical and I enjoyed it very much as well as the rest of the audience.

Tomorrow I’ll finally get over to see Buckingham Palace. Can’t believe I’ve been in London since the 13th and haven’t been by to visit the palace. It will be a good walk up there that is for sure. Yesterday I walked over 15,000 steps so I’m getting back in shape.

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