Monday, 23 December 2019

DoubleTree by Hilton – Westminster (London, England)

On Saturday the 21st I only went outside to pick up a few food items from the local Sainsbury’s Local. I have been wearing my new waterproof boots and the little toe on my right foot has a blister so I’ve been trying to let it heal for a day before walking too far in the new boots.

After putting a a couple of small band-aids (plaster in the U.K.) walking in the boots felt a bit better. Given that, on Sunday I walked over to nearby Tate Britain and looked around for about an hour then had a small lunch in their cafeteria.

After returning from Tate Britain I moved to a new room on the 13th floor. It is a nice-sized suite with a separate bedroom. The view is great and can see the river from the floor to ceiling windows. I finally have room to put away the clothes from my suitcase. The other room had two small drawers that were practically useless.

Today I found a nearby laundry and washed and dried a load of clothes. I really liked the woman running the laundry. She was very helpful and she told me she loves what she does. While I sat there waiting for my clothes to finish, I listened to her talk with her customers who must be regulars. The laundry seemed to be a little community center.

Earlier I posted a picture on Facebook of my parents on their wedding day, seventy years ago. Also a picture that was taken a year or so before our mom came down with cancer and posted both side by side. I spoke with my brother a few weeks ago and we agreed that we both had very fond memories of Christmas with our parents and our relatives. Even though I’m going to be pretty much alone on Christmas this year I have those memories to look back on.

Tomorrow, on Christmas Eve I plan to take the train out to Windsor to see their decorations and at night attend services at Westminster Abbey. Then on Christmas Day I’ll stop by a Chinese restaurant to pick up a takeout order, then watch the new (and final) Star Wars movie.

Yes, I miss Christmas with Prean and Viktor, but we had three excellent years together and perhaps one day we can meet up again and continue the festivities.

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