Thursday, 12 December 2019

88 George Borg Olivier Street (Saint Julian’s, Malta)

Today I started getting ready for my flight to London tomorrow and confirmed the events I’ve booked in advance. After a month of R&R I’m ready to hit the road again. I heeded the advice of friends and family and took time off and rested.

I finally got three letters mailed today, but it took me several days. I didn’t realize that the post offices here close at 1:00 or 1:30 on the days they are open. In any case, that is done. Also reserved a taxi for a ride to the airport tomorrow, checked in online for my flight and confirmed my hotel reservation.

So far I’ve booked a few church Christmas Carol concerts and another at Royal Albert Hall, and tickets for the Tutankhamen exhibit at the Saatchi Gallery and also Mary Poppins, the musical in the West End. I have several movies that I’m waiting to see, since I haven’t been in an English-speaking country for several months. I’ll probably go out for a visit to Windsor Castle and also to the Harry Potter Studio Tour. And to walk around London and see the Christmas decorations and lights.

Tonight I’m finishing up on whatever food I have remaining and making sure that the clothes I washed earlier are drying. If not, I’ll take a hair dryer to them in the morning before I pack. Since I’ve been in Malta I’ve noticed the days are getting colder and this flat is not the best place to dry clothes, mainly due to the high humidity.

A couple of days ago I booked my flight and lodging for another visit to Zermatt. I’ve been watching the weather report to see how much snow they’re getting in the town. There seems to be plenty of snow up in the hills for skiing. We will see.

Looks like I’m ready for London. Looking forward to posting pictures to Facebook and Instagram. Hope I can sleep tonight.

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