Tuesday, 19 November 2019

127 Triq Ix-Xatt (Gzira, Malta)

I arrived yesterday in Malta from Cyprus. My stay in Cyprus was on the whole relaxing and enjoyed meeting new people, but it was time to move on to Malta. I did manage to book activities in London starting 14 December, which was nice, but it took two days to make all the bookings. Also, I (intentionally?) booked my flight from Malta for the 13th when I intended to arrive in London on the 2nd of December. I was having problems figuring out what to do from the 2nd to the 14th. So, as a result, I’m staying longer in Malta rather than change the flight.

Yesterday I arrived early at the Larnaca airport and caught my flight to Malta. The weather was perfect as I arrived on Malta and the taxi driver took me right where I needed to be. I forgot to call the Airbnb host as I left the airport but he was waiting for me when I arrived. I like it when it works out like that. In any case, I was having problems connecting to the Vodafone network in Malta so I would have had problems texting him anyway. My phone eventually connected to the Malta Vodafone network.

The flat I’m staying in is the same that I shared with Barb when she joined me last March. It has a beautiful view of the harbor and I have plenty of room since it’s a two-bedroom flat. Nice to stay in a place that I’ve been to so I don’t need to figure out how everything works. Kris, the Airbnb host, showed me around and made sure I had everything before he left.

After a nap I went grocery shopping and also picked up my takeout dinner as well then settled in for an evening of watching The Crown and an episode of Star Trek. I decided to stay in the same bedroom that I had before rather than the one Barbara had, even though it’s a little bigger. My bed is so comfortable, and after the hard mattress that I had in Larnaca it was like floating on a cloud.

Today I did more grocery shopping, including buying a chicken to roast tonight. Later I’ll watch another episode of The Crown and more Star Trek. Not sure what I’ll do tomorrow. Nice not having any plans.


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