Wednesday, 6 November 2019

Ermou 4 (Larnaca, Cyprus)

I’m really settled in now. Made my first batch of hash browns and fried eggs this morning. What a treat! I bought a grater yesterday and now have a way to make hash browns. And also now have ground coffee and made a fresh cup of coffee. I’m all set!

Overnight I received an email from a recruiter in Portland who would like me to contact him when I return to Portland. Another recruiter contacted me a few months ago and I’ll probably follow up with him as well. Do I want to go back doing what I did before? Right now I don’t know but always good to know I probably can if I want to.

I had been thinking of writing a best practices white paper on the subject of managing IT infrastructure projects and as a result of the latest recruiter contact I started to writing the introduction and then will create an outline. The call also triggered the need to start developing a plan for reintegrating myself back in Portland.

I went for a walk late in the afternoon and stopped in at the nearby grocery store before returning to the flat. This is the store my Airbnb host’s mother recommended. Think it will work for picking up odds and ends if I don’t want to walk to the Metro store, but it certainly doesn’t have the variety.

Just had chicken salad sandwiches this evening to use up the left over roasted chicken. I was more tired than usual and went to bed early. Tomorrow I may get a haircut or continue to work on my white paper and reintegration plan. For sure I’ll make some hash browns and eggs in the morning.

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