Wednesday, 30 October 2019

Hilton Capital Grand Abu Dhabi (Abu Dhabi, UAE)

Was surprised how warm it was when I woke this morning. I guess I shouldn’t have been too surprised because Abu Dhabi isn’t that far from Dubai and I saw how hot it stayed throughout the night. The temperature is expected to exceed 100 degrees later today but I’m not expecting to leave the hotel. I have a number of odds and ends to take care of today.

The breakfast in the lounge was very good. A nice selection but not as diverse as the Hyatt or the Hilton in Delhi or Mumbai. The bottom line is that I enjoyed everything and left with a smile. Then a nap when I returned to my room.

I returned to the lounge at 2:30 to enjoy the treats they were serving in the afternoon. This hotel gets the award, if I had the ability to hand one out, for the best variety, and actually filling, treats of any of the Hiltons I’ve visited. Most have a few cookies and a bag of chips. I should be able to have all three meals today just by visiting the lounge. And no extra charge to me.

While munching on my treats I got caught up with my travel blog and finalized my stay in Larnaca, my next stop. My usual place in Larnaca isn’t available is no longer available, but it gives me the opportunity to find a new place to try out. I’ll be there for two weeks. I haven’t decided where to go after that, but I’ll end up in London sometime in December.

When I returned to my room I got caught up with email, for the most part. Laurie, my financial planner, sent me three names of people who will offer tax advice to plan how to best utilize (spend) my investments. Laurie does not provide this service, which is fine with me since it’s good to have a variety of perspectives and opinions. She only gave me names and phone numbers and I’m unable, without jumping through a few hoops, call the U.S. I’ll save this task for when I’m in Cyprus.

After another nap it was time for my evening meal and again I wasn’t disappointed with the selection. I was full when I returned to my room. Earlier, someone from the hotel showed me how to hook up my laptop to the TV and looked forward to watching Star Trek on a large screen.

I ordered two beers and watched three episodes of Star Trek TNG for the next few hours before going to bed.

Tomorrow I will stay in again but make arrangements to tour the city over the next few days. I’ll be here until November 4th so have plenty of time to look around before heading out.

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