Tuesday, 29 October 2019

Hilton Mumbai International Hotel (Mumbai, India)

Nice to wake up in a familiar place and having breakfast in the lounge where I can find my favorites for breakfast. I was able to talk with one of the staff who I met when I was there before. Then, as usual, I went back to my room and napped a little while longer.

All went well when I left for the airport at 2:00. I waited for about an hour to board the flight, and with no delays, I was on my way to Abu Dhabi.

Before boarding I was getting hungry and decided to try to see what a KFC meal tasted like in Mumbai. My only comment was too much mayo on the chicken sandwich. Other than that, the meal was the same as the U.S., except no ice in the Pepsi.

About 30 minutes into the flight the captain asked that everyone buckle up because we were headed into turbulent weather. The flight attendants quickly put away their carts before the turbulence started. It lasted for nearly an hour. It wasn’t very bad, just that the bumping around lasted so long. Food service was delayed until we were 30 minutes from the Abu Dhabi airport. Was impressed how quickly the fight attendants could serve and pick up the meals.

My driver was waiting for me as I arrived in the arrival lobby. Immigration went smoothly and my suitcase arrived without too much waiting.

My driver couldn’t speak too much English. I did find out he was originally from Pakistan, the northern part. The trip to the hotel took about 30 minutes. We drove by the Grand Mosque and I knew I had to see it again at night.

What a nice hotel with friendly staff! They did a great job welcoming me. The only glitch is that the person at the reception desk forgot to give me back my passport and had to track me down. We had a good laugh about it.

I immediately ordered a burger and two beers so I could sit down and enjoy a couple of episodes of Star Trek. I was a little disappointed that I couldn’t figure out how to hook up my laptop to the TV, but I can take care of that tomorrow.

I have nothing planned outside of the hotel tomorrow. I must get caught up with my Instagram and travel blog and also confirm where I’ll stay in Cyprus.


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