Sunday, 27 October 2019

Hyatt Regency (Kathmandu, Nepal)

So nice to wake up and know I don’t have a ride to the airport waiting for me at 5:30. I’ll meet my driver at 11:00 for more touring Kathmandu, that I can handle. My “cold” is still making itself known but is very mild and occasionally blow my nose and a cough here and there.

Though I think that whatever I have is making me a little irritable. After asking my driver a couple of times where we’re going I got an answer, but not one I could understand. I’m thinking he is embarrassed by his difficulty with English and only gives me minimal information and expects me to fill in the missing information? But I remembered what I agreed to yesterday, just go for the ride and relax.

The first stop was another square that was very ancient and also the area that it occupied took up a fairly large area. My driver pointed me to the ticket booth and said he would meet me back at the car. I told him I’d return in less than 30 minutes.

I was pretty much the only westerner visiting, plus I was one of the few people wearing shoes. There was a Hindu temple that I wasn’t permitted to enter which is probably why people didn’t wear shoes. I walked around and took a few pictures but when I came around one corner I found about 10 platforms next to the river. I knew that I didn’t want to be there. This is where the dead are cremated. Each platform was in some stage of preparation. One was burning and I could see a group of people under an overhang across from the burning. I moved through this area very quickly.

After 10 more minutes I decided that I’d seen enough and walked back to the car. I was hot and tired and appreciated the coolness of the car once I got in. Though more bumpy roads to our next, and final stop.

The next square we visited was a place where an ancient palace once stood. As I got out of the car a tour guide greeted me. I agreed that he could show me around but for only 20 minutes. We agreed upon a price for his services.

He showed me several buildings and temples that were being restored after the quake of 2015. We walked quickly and I kept track of our time. He did a great job of just giving me the highlights and I was fine with that. At almost exactly 20 minutes later our tour was complete. I thanked him, got in the car and we headed back to the hotel.

Once back at the hotel I’m glad that my stay in Kathmandu timed out very well. I saw enough of the city, learned more than I expected, and saw the Himalayas – twice!

The evening snacks in the lounge seem to be just enough to fill me up in the evening. I had a beer leftover from the night before and was happy watching Star Trek before going to bed.

Tomorrow I leave for Mumbai and will take a car at 10:00 to the airport.

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