Saturday, 26 October 2019

Hyatt Regency (Kathmandu, Nepal)

This morning I was up again at 4:45, met the driver and arrived at the airport for my second attempt to see the Himalayan mountains. No delays in getting into the air and on this flight I was on the side of the plane where I could see the outbound view of the mountains.

During the flight people were invited up to the cockpit to have better views of the mountains. I managed to get into the cockpit just as we were passing Mt. Everest. I took a picture from my seat but wasn’t able to get my camera ready to take a good picture from the cockpit, but that was okay, my goal to see the iconic mountain had been achieved and I was happy with that.

After everyone had a chance to go up to the cockpit we returned to the airport. I think I’m getting used to the steep pitch the aircraft needs to make a successful landing. Though I prefer the smooth approach that planes normally take when landing at an airport. Though most airports aren’t located in a valley with tall mountains on all sides.

I managed to get a hour’s nap before my driver arrived to take me to a couple of sites in the city. As I mentioned in yesterday’s posting, the driver’s English is somewhat good but the struggle to convey to me and back to him continued to be an issue. Today I just let him take me where he thought I should be and I’ll go with the flow.

Pantan (also know as Lalitpur) Durbar Square (a UNESCO site) is around 2,000 years old. It is an old city located within present day Kathmandu and has a number of historical and religious buildings. A guide who approached me as soon as I got out of the car was most determined to show me around but I was still tired and just wanted to see the old building that I can read about later. I took a number of pictures and read the pamphlet that I was given at the ticket office and I felt informed.

Our next stop was Swayambhu (Monkey Temple) which is located on a hill that overlooks the city of Kathmandu. Yes there are monkeys everywhere so it is best not to have any food or wear anything that might bet their attention. I walked up and around the area, mostly taking pictures of the city and the monkeys. The golden temple was high on a peak within the grounds but I didn’t hike up to it.

I told the driver I was done for the day and asked to be taken back to the hotel. He asked if I wanted to see anything else today and I said that I wished to go back to the hotel. It is somewhat difficult to travel around Kathmandu due to the traffic and bumpy roads. After an hour or so, even someone like me who doesn’t get car sick, would rather be anyplace else.

The remainder of the day was full of sleep and snacking in the lounge before going to bed early. One more day of driving around tomorrow before I leave Kathmandu.

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