Thursday, 17 October 2019

Hilton Mumbai International Hotel (Mumbai, India)

After breakfast I met Kannan at 10:00 for our drive to locations outside of Mumbai. To get outside of Mumbai he drove us for about an hour before we moved along more than just a crawl. The traffic in Mumbai, depending on time and location, can add considerable time to your journey.

We stopped at a Starbucks along the way and stretched our legs. (Me more than him – he is in great shape.) We had so much to talk about as we drove along. Our conversation flowed as if it hadn’t been 10 years since we last saw each other.

We were headed towards a private village where he planned for us to have lunch. When we arrived he confirmed that only residents, and their guests, can enter. No matter, neither of us were starving and we enjoyed driving through the countryside and stopping to take pictures along the way.

The area that we traveled through was very green but Kannan said it would turn brown during the dry season that starts shortly after the first of the year. The monsoon season that follows will restore the plant life and the cycle will begin again. Very pleasant to drive along and enjoy the sites. I commented that none of the plants look familiar.

As we started the drive into the city our speed dropped again to a crawl. Thankfully Kannan is a good driver and he got us safely through the congestion until we reached the hotel. He joined me for a beer and snacks in the executive lounge before he headed home where his wife would have his dinner waiting for him. I very much appreciate Kannan taking the time to drive me to so many interesting places today. Glad to have a friend like him to make my visit to Mumbai memorable.

I returned to my room to have a nap before ordering my nightly mushroom soup to enjoy while watching a few episodes of Star Trek

Tomorrow I will make my plans to travel to Napal. Also to see if there is a helicopter tour available to take me from New Dehli to the Taj Mahal. We will see.

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