Wednesday, 9 October 2019

Hilton Cairo Zamalek (Cairo, Egypt)

I was up early to prepare for my 9:35 a.m. flight to Dubai this morning. I made arrangements for a driver to pick me up from the hotel at 6:30 to take me to the airport and he showed up just before 6:00. Nice to know that he was there, but I wasn’t ready, and hadn’t even checked out of the hotel.

When I got down to the lobby to check out there was a line so I asked the person at the front desk to make payment from my card and send me the invoice. From experience, I’ve learned that paperwork moves very slow in Egypt and I could have easily waited for 30 minutes or longer.

As I drove out to the airport I reflected on my stay. I was there to rest and so I did. As it turned out Hussein didn’t join me so I had few distractions and plenty of time to relax and prepare for my next visits. The length of my six-night stay was just what I needed. I did ask a driver to take me out to the pyramids for the night light show on my last night and that worked out well.

Everything went okay at the airport. I knew how to avoid people trying to help me since I’ve learned that they want to help but also expect me to pay for their services. I’ve been through the Cairo airport many times so I know my way around.

Because you never know where in the boarding process you might have a delay, getting to the airport an hour or two early is a good idea. I got though all of the security and such and had plenty of time to enjoy a cappuccino while I waited for my plane to board.

The flight took a little over three hours and we had a good landing in Dubai. Was easy to get through passport control and to pick up my luggage. A driver from the hotel was waiting for me after I walked through Customs.

The driver took me directly to the hotel and I got checked in. I stopped by the travel desk and made a reservation for a helicopter tour on Saturday before I went up to my room. Also, the driver who brought me to the hotel will drive me around tomorrow for three hours and show me the popular sites of the city.

My room is huge and very modern. Twice as large as executive rooms at other Hilton properties. I even get a view of Dubai Creek. (The “creek” is actually a very large man-made river that runs through the city.) After a long nap I was ready for dinner then watched a couple more Star Trek episodes before going to sleep.

Tomorrow’s driving tour will also include a ride up to the observation level of the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world with 210 floors. I’m keeping my figures crossed for clear skies tomorrow. Was a bit hazy today.

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