Wednesday, 2 October 2019

Rue du LĂ©man 3 (Geneva, Switzerland)

My only tourist activity today was to visit the Palais des Nations (Palace of Nations) that was originally built for the League of Nations and is now one of the four primary buildings that support the efforts of the United Nations. I’ve been interested in this building for some time. I also needed to do some shopping today.

It was quite a walk to the Palace of Nations but I took a bus part of the way. I was surprised, or maybe not, how much security was protecting the building and the grounds. To get inside I’d imagine you’d need special clearance. But I’m glad I went and took pictures of the main building, the fountain and the Broken Chair.

While reviewing my limited wardrobe yesterday I noticed that I really hadn’t bought anything for the last couple of years, except for a pair of shoes, a few t-shirts and new underwear. To be honest, I’m looking a bit shabby. Also, I need to replace my suitcase since several of the zippers are broken and I’m tired of trying to get the suitcase zipped up.

Rather than go to a shopping mall I decided to find a large department store and I found just the store. And it was on the transit line that ran from the Palace of Nations.

I found everything I needed at Manor Geneve. In and out in about 45 minutes. Think I’ll like my new suitcase and I wheeled it back to the flat just to make sure it was durable.

After I returned to the flat I thought I’d better find out what I need in the way of a Visa to enter India. What I found out, it isn’t simple. I had to complete a four page online form. This took me almost three hours to complete. I was told that I’d have the visa in about 72 hours. That was good news!

Think I’m ready to travel to Cairo tomorrow. I’m sort of dreading getting up at 3:00 a.m. to clean up the place and pack. Though I packed the new suitcase, for the most part, before I went to sleep. I’ll call for an Uber to take me to the airport.

I need a rest. I’ve been on the go for about two months and not staying in one place for more than a few days. I’ll be in Cairo for a week then fly to Dubai. I confirmed my Hilton reservations for Dubai and Mumbai so I’m in good shape. Just need to get the approved visa back before I leave for Mumbai.

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