Tuesday, 1 October 2019

Rue du Léman 3 (Geneva, Switzerland)

Was very much looking forward to traveling up to Montreux today and managed to leave by 10:00 for the train station. So glad that I found recent Airbnb flats that were within walking distance of the station. This one is about 10 minutes away.

No need for a coat this morning, though it was still cool as I walked to the station, but I didn’t mind. It was a bit stuffy last night because the windows were all closed, and in a small space, I guess you notice it more. I could have opened the window in the kitchen but I wasn’t sure how much noise there would be at night. As it turned out I didn’t hear a thing.

When I got to the station I was able to quickly purchase a ticket but saw that I had just missed a train that was leaving for Montreux. The next one was going to be in 30 minutes so I walked around some of the shops in the station. When I looked up to see which platform to meet the train it was right in front of me. Very convenient!

Easy train ride to Montreux. In an hour we were pulling into the station. This end of the Lake Geneva (or Lac Léman) is considered to be ‘the chic’ Swiss Riviera. Once I stepped off the train I headed towards the water. I didn’t need any directions I just walked straight down the hill and there it was. The city’s promenade was more that I was expecting. There were flowers and art everywhere and many places to sit and look out at the lake and the surroundings.

I found the ferry terminal and went to the sales office to inquire about a ticket on a ferry that runs from Montreux to Lausanne. I learned what my options would be then continued to walk along the promenade. I’ll decide what I want to do as I’m walking along. Perhaps I’ll take the train back to give me more time in Montreux.

I was getting hungry and I saw before me a McDonald’s. I ordered one small cheeseburger and knew that was all I needed. I sat on a bench and looked out at the lake while eating my burger.

After finishing my burger I walked towards the Queen Studio Experience. I had been to the Beatles and ABBA tributes in Liverpool and Stockholm so I wondered how this will compare. Queen was one of the most popular groups of their time so thought I’d see something similar, but it wasn’t. Queen recorded seven of their albums in Montreux, which is why this attraction was here, and there was a good amount of memorabilia, but it was more of a museum and not an “experience”. I took a few pictures, looked at what they had on display, and only stayed maybe 20 minutes.

Actually it was good that I wasn’t inside very long because I wanted to be outside to enjoy the great weather. I took plenty of pictures as I walked along. I wasn’t 100% sure if I was actually seeing Mont Blanc (the highest mountain in the Alps) but confirmed that it was. I took so many pictures that I’ll need to really edit and see how many I’ll post to Instagram.

I eventually decided not to take a ferry ride this afternoon. I figured if I had it would be late when I got back to Geneva. In any case, I was happy with what I’ve seen and enjoyed my time in Montreux. If I ever return I might want to stay a few days and take an excursion up to see Mont Blanc.

I enjoyed the train ride back to Geneva. The Swiss trains are very smooth and seem more spacious. My knees weren’t pressed up against the seat in front of me. The train passed farm land on our way back and saw a number of vineyards but not much livestock.

When I got off the train I could see the weather was changing. Clouds were starting to roll in and the wind was picking up. One forecast called for thunder showers later. I stopped by the Coop store and bought a loaf of Italian bread and a container of orange juice.

It had been a busy day and had an extra long nap before writing this travel blog entry. I’ll make dinner then watch more Star Trek before bed. Tomorrow I have a few places to visit in Geneva and to go clothes shopping. I think I need to step up my wardrobe somewhat before I visit Dubai. Besides, I really haven’t bought anything new for a couple of years, except for a pair of walking shoes. I’ll enjoy have a few new things to wear.


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