Saturday, 28 September 2019

Thunstrasse 45 (Bern, Switzerland)

I was trying to decide what to do this morning. I thought I could wait to do laundry in Geneva but I’m out of clean clothes. No washer where I’m staying so I’ll need to find a self-service laundry today and get busy.

I’ve found that self-service laundry shops are not always listed as such. Some places only offer dry cleaning services. The laundry I found that was somewhat nearby will require that I take a bus or tram.

It was an interesting adventure getting to Jet Wash Self Service Laundry. It took a tram and then a bus to get there, and some walking once I stepped off the bus. Always an interesting process doing laundry in a new city or country. Actually, most every laundry has different equipment and procedures. In this case I had to figure out how to buy the detergent, get enough coins to operate the machines, and receive instructions on how to operate the washer and dryers. Fortunately a couple of the customers who were also doing their wash helped me out.

I was entertained by two young students who must have been working on a class project because they were filming the washing process. I had to wait for a washer to become available. I was there for nearly two hours.

By the time I was ready to leave I realized that I needed to find a restroom. Thankfully, the “Public Restroom” application that I have on my phone helped me out. After visiting the nearest public restroom I ended up walking to the main train station because transit service was suspended due to the climate demonstration nearby. However I did walk across one of the bridges that span the ravine near the station. Great view!

It was quite a demonstration in Bern. I saw pictures of the one in Montreal, but that is a much bigger city. Still, this part of Bern was filled with many people – perhaps 100,000. By this time I was getting tired but did eventually find a bus that would return me to my flat.

While riding the bus I saw that it was going past where I wanted to get off. It was then I discovered my mistake. There are actually two Thunstrasse 45 addresses – one with a postal code of 3074 and mine that has a postal code of 3005. I quickly got off the bus and started to walk back to the correct address.

As I was walking I realized that it was Saturday afternoon and most stores will be closing early and will not open again until Monday morning. I walked to the store near the flat and picked up a few items.

I was exhausted when I arrived back to where I’m staying. I had planned to explore the neighborhood after I finished with my laundry but I didn’t want to push myself. It was a productive day: rode around the city, finished my laundry, got in lots of walking, and figured out the transportation system. I’ll accept any accomplishments, whether they be big or small.

Tonight after making dinner I’ll continue watching more Star Trek for a couple of hours. Tomorrow I’m taking a train to the Lauterbrunnen Valley. The weather is expected to be fair like it was today.

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