Friday, 27 September 2019

Josefstrasse 29 (Zürich, Switzerland)

I had a late start this morning but was out of the flat by 11:00 and on my way to the train station for my short ride to Bern. I purchased a ticket from a machine and was shocked that it cost over $50. Every so often I get sticker shock in Switzerland because everything is a bit more expensive. Of course salaries are higher here so it all evens out. So far I’ve not seen one person asking for money or anyone that looks like they’re homeless.

The train station looked busy this morning, probably because it’s Friday, and people are leaving for the weekend. I made sure that I got on the train quickly to ensure that I had a place to sit. In addition to stopping in Bern the train will continue on to Visp, which is the station where I would take the train up to Zermatt in the Swiss Alps. I know that I’ll visit Zermatt again, but not this trip. The picture of the Matterhorn that is posted on my blog reminds me that it was one of the inspirations for me being on this four-year adventure.

The train pulled into Bern and I had two hours to find something to do before meeting the Airbnb host at 3:00. I saw that there was a barbershop in the station so I got my hair cut (finally) and bought a tuna sandwich that I ate while waiting for my turn in the barber chair. I then walked across the street to the McDonald’s and ordered a cappuccino and a blueberry muffin and used the time there to upload pictures to Instagram.

After McDonald’s I saw a Coop store across the parking lot and went in there to buy a few items that I’ll need for dinner. I brought coffee, sugar, milk, bread, tea, and oatmeal with me from Zürich. It was then time to leave to meet the Airbnb host, Thomas.

I was planning to go my streetcar to the new flat but decided to take a taxi. How much could it cost? Well, I found out. It was $24. Guess I’ll learn how to use the streetcar while I’m here. But the driver got me to where I needed to be and arrived right at 3:00. Nice when the host can welcome me in person. He knew I was from Oregon and he said he was leaving for Seattle tomorrow and will visit Vancouver, B.C. then go snowboarding on Mt. Hood before traveling to California to meet up with his brother. We talked for quite a while before he had to leave. What an interesting place, filled with so much art and many eclectic nick-nacks.

After he left I got my laptop and phone connected to his wi-fi and then took a nap. When I woke I looked out the windows at my surroundings and like what I see. A very nice neighborhood. Thomas said that there are several embassies in the area. I also checked out the kitchen to see how well equipped it is. One missing item is a kettle to make hot water. This this is only the third place where I’ve stayed that didn’t have a kettle. I got spoiled at my last place. The kettle there not only quickly heated the water but it had a built-in feature that kept the water hot.

After dinner I’ll watch more Star Trek and hopefully get a good night’s sleep. My plan is to walk around Bern and see the sites in the city. On Sunday I’d like to take the train to the Lauterbrunnen Valley where there are 72 waterfalls. 72! A place that I’ve wanted to visit for the last couple of years. Finger’s crossed that the weather holds up.

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