Monday, 23 September 2019

Strasbourg Hilton (Strasbourg, France)

All went well as I got ready to leave for Zurich this morning, though wasn’t sure if the Uber driver was going to show up but he did. He called to say that he was delayed in traffic then before I knew it he arrived. His English was not very good so I didn’t ask what happened.

I had a transfer to another train in Basel, Switzerland and used the waiting time at the station to withdraw Swiss francs at an ATM in the station. I also bought a pasta salad to eat on the train. The whole journey from Strasbourg to Zurich was about 2 1/2 hours long, with 30 minutes in Basel.

When I arrived at the Zurich station I had forgotten how big it was. After I finally found the exit it was an easy walk to where I was to stay. My Airbnb host said she would wait for me to arrive, which is nice when I’m staying in a new place. I told her several times that meeting the host and getting a personal tour is always helpful. (As encouragement to keep meeting her guests in the future.)

After she left I got settled and was thinking about what I wanted for dinner. But first, a nap. Though the flat is near the train station, once you close the windows you can only hear some minor noise from the trains which wasn’t too distracting.

After the nap I walked to a nearby Coop store and found a number of things to eat during my stay. There are several stores within 100 meters of this flat which is helpful. The flat has everything I need to make meals, which has been an issue in several places where I’ve stayed recently. The flat itself is very new and modern, and quiet too.

After dinner I hooked up my laptop to the TV and watched a documentary on Bill Gates. The documentary is in four parts and I only watched the first part since I was still tired and went to bed early.

Tomorrow I plan to walk to nearby Lake Zürich where I’ll have lunch. I’ve been to Zurich twice but never have seen the lake. It is sometimes referred to as Zürichsee because it is very large and 40 km in length.

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