Sunday, 22 September 2019

Strasbourg Hilton (Strasbourg, France)

I met up with Ori and Molly at 12:30 and we waited together for the van (and driver) who will take us on a tour of vineyards, wineries, and towns through the Alsace Wines Route, that the brochure said is “France’s most famous wine route.”

There were seven of us on the tour. Our tour driver/guide spoke mainly in French and occasionally in English. Thanks to sitting next to Molly she helped convey what they driver said. Ori sat up with the driver. The route spans more than 170 km at the foot of the Vosges mountain range, but our tour today will only cover part of the route due to time limitations.

We got out at a number of stops to either admire the view, sample wine, eat a few grapes from the vines, and walk through the villages. The driver pointed out a shop as he was driving that sold pastries and I would have liked for him to stop because I was getting hungry. Ori, Molly and I ate ice cream at one point but no other stops for food. At some point I wasn’t hungry any longer.

At our last stop we all got in the van and the driver attempted to start the vehicle but couldn’t get the engine going. We even pushed the van down the hill trying to start by compression. (We did this many times while on the farm.) He eventually called local people who he knew to take us to a train station so we could all ride back to Strasbourg.

It was getting late as we arrived in Strasbourg and sat with Molly and Ori first in a MacDonald’s drinking tea then we walked back to their hotel and I said my goodbyes and thanked them for their hospitality. So nice to have thoughtful relatives who carefully planned interesting things to do and see. So very much appreciate our time together!

Tomorrow I’m traveling to Zurich. (Found a great deal on train tickets.) Visits to Zurich, Bern, and Geneva before I travel to Cairo where I’ll rest for a week. This leg of my travel is almost over. The next phase to the UAE, India, and possibly Nepal should be interesting. More planning ahead!

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